Unigroup's September '95 Meeting Announcement

NFS - Network File System

John Costa, Consulting Systems Engineer
Auspex Systems

Wednesday, September 20, 1995

Conference Room 1E10
Unix Expo '95 in New York
Jacob K. Javits Convention Center
12th Avenue & 34th Street, New York City

5:45 PM Registration
6:00 PM Main Presentation

John Costa of Auspex Systems will give a technical presentation on the Network File System (NFS) which is a popular distributed filesystem used in Unix environments. Originally developed by Sun, NFS is now supported by virtually all Unix implementations. It enables users to access files which are physically located on remote machines, as if they were attached locally. NFS is licensed to over 300 system vendors and runs on over 4 Million hosts.

Demands for NFS service have increased over the last few years, due to major improvements in client workstation performance. Auspex, an NFS specialist, has developed an approach to NFS which uses a server architecture designed for high-speed data delivery to significantly improve overall system performance and reliability.

John Costa's presentation will cover NFS architecture, problems and issues, and will include case study examples of things to look for when diagnosing NFS bottlenecks. Possible workarounds in both hardware and software including Auspex's new Fault Tolerant NFS architecture will be discussed.

Speaker Biography:

Since 1980 John Costa has been employed in the computer industry with various sales support positions. Prior to joining Auspex, he was a Regional Systems Specialist at Computervision Corporation, a division of Prime Computer. He joined Auspex in June 1991 as a Systems Engineer. Mr. Costa is currently a Consulting Systems Engineer focusing on the financial and Wall Street community.

Please join us for this meeting, you won't want to miss it!

Note: This meeting is free and open to the public! All are welcome!

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