Unigroup's July '96 Meeting Announcement

Switching LANs

Debby Goldman and John Garrison from XYLAN

Thursday, July 25, 1996 (4th Thursday not 3rd Thursday)

Chemical Bank
55 Water Street, South Tower
13th Floor Conference Room

6:00 - 6:30 PM Registration
6:45 - 9:30 PM Main Presentation

Our speakers from Xylan will present an overview of Switching Lans and VLANs. Their talk is officially entitled "VLANs don't work... Unless...".

What is the problem we are trying to solve?
The emergence of switching into corporate LANs has reintroduced broadcast issues into the fray. Our speakers will describe the size of the switching market and its explosive growth, as well as the resulting issues.

What exactly is a VLAN?
This talk will describe what a VLAN is, what an ELAN is, the differences, and the basic requirements that VLANs should address.

What are the benefits of VLANs?
This talk will also attempt to describe some of the additional benefits that VLANs can and should provide to the business users, LAN administrators and Managers.

How do we get there?
A migration strategy to bring users from hierarchical-router centric LANs to flat, switch-centric VLANs will be discussed.

Xylan Overview:
Headquartered in Calabasas, California, Xylan Corporation is a leading provider of high-bandwidth switching systems that enhance the performance of existing local area networks and facilitate migration to next generation networking technologies such as ATM. Its OmniSwitch and PizzaSwitch products connect Ethernet, token ring, FDDI, CDDI, Fast Ethernet, and ATM, at wire speed, with automatic any-to-any translation.

Speakers' Bio:
Debby Goldman has Selling internetworking solutions in New York for 7 years. Prior to that, she managed an internetworking group for Manufacturers Hanover and worked as an independent consultant in such companies as AT&T, Johnson & Johnson, Bell Labs, and DoubleDay Publishing. John Garrison is a Systems Engineer for Xylan.

Xylan will also be giving away copies of "The Switching Book", a recently published text addressing this topic in depth.

Please join us for this meeting, you won't want to miss it!

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