Unigroup's June 2002 Meeting Announcement

Linux Multimedia Tools: Audio, Video and Imaging

Main Presentation: Marco Scoffier
Guest Speaker: John Matthews from IBM Linux Software Group

Wednesday 26-JUN-2002

Jacob Javits Convention Center
Meeting Rooms 2D02 / 2D03

5:30pm (After Show Hours)


Unigroup's JUNE 2002 Expo Meeting will be held Wednesday Evening at the Javits Center, after the show.

Our meeting room is listed above, and should also be posted AT THE EXPO at the EXHIBITOR SERVICES DESK which is situated to the immediate left of the Main Entrance to the Main Exhibit Hall. If you have trouble finding the room, go to this desk to find out where Unigroup is meeting.

Rooms 2D02/2D03 are down the escalator on Level 2 and should be center-south of Javits. For reference, the rooms prefixed by "ABCDE" run as follows: the "A" rooms are near the Northern and the "E" rooms are near the Southern ends of Javits.

This is the last WEB Update to our web page today. Stop by the Exhibitors Services Desk for updates.

Unigroup would like to thank TECHXNY and CMP for their support regarding member discounts and a meeting room. We have heard that the Unigroup Source Code for free admittance to the show continues to function where other Source Codes were turned off days ago.

This meeting, like all our Expo meetings in the past, will be Free and Open to the Public.

We are planning to have refreshments (but not food) at our meeting, but we cannot make any promises at this time (we'll know more tomorrow).

Note: Your TECHXNY/PC EXPO Badge should get you into all areas of the show, including the DVexpo show downstairs. Although it looks like another isolated show, it isn't.

Also, you will NOT need an Expo badge to get into our meeting.

Description of Talk:

A discussion of the some of the most exciting multimedia tools available for Linux today and the particular strengths that free software can offer the passionate user of digial audio, video, and graphics.

Topics covered will include (but please come armed with as many questions as you may have):


   The GIMP       Graphics & Animation

sane/xsane Scanner Interface http://www.mostang.com/sane


   dvgrab & Kino  Digital Video Capture & Editing

transcode Digital Video Compression Codec Translation http://www.theorie.physik.uni-goettingen.de/~ostreich/transcode/

Audio: (this section will probably be quite quick)

   LAD            An example of a necessary environment for often
                  fractured multimedia projects.

Alsa http://www.alsa-project.org/

jack http://jackit.sourceforge.net/

LADSPA http://www.ladspa.org/

Speaker Biography:

Marco Scoffier has an MFA from France's most pretigious art school where he taught proprietary audio and video technology for 3 years. He came to free software looking for a sustainable solution for his own creative enterprises and hopes to be a vector through which other people will come to be convinced of the necessity and power of free open source solutions in digital multimedia.

For more information about Marco, see the following article from the New York Linux Scene Journal: http://www.nylxs.com/journal/articles/article6.html.

Company Biography:


This meeting is Free and Open to the Public.

Please join us for this meeting, you won't want to miss it!

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