Unigroup's November 2008 Meeting Announcement

Solaris 10 Release Meeting and OpenSolaris Update: Field Trip to Sun Microsystems
Joint meeting with the New York {Open}Solaris User Group - NYCOSUG

Jerry Jelinek and James Mauro,
Sun Microsystems Engineering

Thursday, 20-NOV-2008      (** Regular 3rd Thursday **)

Field Trip Special Location:
Sun Microsystems NYC Office
101 Park Avenue, 4th Floor (at 40th Street)
Midtown, New York, NY 10178

Field Trip Special Times:
6:15 - 6:25 PM Registration
6:30 - 6:45 PM Joint Meeting: OpenSolaris and Unigroup Business, Announcements and Current Events
6:45 - 9:30 PM Main Presentations


** Note: This meeting is NOT at our regular meeting location **
** Note: Meeting Schedule is a bit different (earlier), to work with the OpenSolaris Group.

** We will need you to do a DOUBLE RSVP for this meeting.
** The OpenSolaris RSVP is the one which will get you into the building, and that RSVP bypasses Unigroup and goes directly to Sun.


   We need you to perform a DOUBLE registration for this meeting - Thanks.

   To gain access to Sun Microsystems, please RSVP via the
   NYC OpenSolaris User Group Meeting Page.  Any information entered
   on that page goes directly to Sun (and Building Security) and bypasses Unigroup.

   Then also, for Unigroup, please use our normal RSVP page...

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   Please RSVP as soon as possible, preferably at least 2-3 days
   prior to the meeting date, so we can plan the food order.
   RSVP deadline is usually the night before the meeting day.

   Note: RSVP is mandatory for this location to make sure the guard
         will let you into the building.  RSVP also helps us to
         properly plan the meeting (food, drinks, handouts,
         seating, etc.) and speed up your sign-in at the meeting.


        Sun Microsystems
        101 Park Avenue, 4th Floor   (at 40th Street)
        Midtown, New York City

The office of Sun Microsystems is 1-2 blocks South of Grand Central Station.
Enter the building at the corner of Park Avenue and 40th Street. You must check in with the guards before heading upstairs.


Topic: Solaris 10 Release Meeting and OpenSolaris Update

Meeting Outline:

Web Resources

   Sun Solaris 10

   Sun OpenSolaris

   Sun BigAdmin Portal

   Sun Microsystems

   NYCOSUG - NY Open Solaris User Group


Jerry Jelinek is a Sr. Engineer at Sun Microsystems Inc. He is a member of the OpenSolaris Kernel Development team and a member of the Solaris Zones Team.

James Mauro is a renowned Solaris contributor, speaker and expert. He is a Sr. Staff Engineer at Sun's Systems Group Qualify Office. He is the co-author of various OpenSolaris books - bring your copies for a book signing!


See http://www.sun.com.


Solaris and OpenSolaris DVD Distributions, and perhaps other items to be determined.


** Since this is a SPECIAL Joint Meeting with the OpenSolaris Group, Non-Members may attend at NO CHARGE! **

However, we will still be accepting Unigroup memberships for those who wish to join Unigroup.

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Complimentary Food and Refreshments will be provided by Sun.
(Thanks Sun!)

Please join us for this meeting, you won't want to miss it!

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