Unigroup's December 2014 Meeting Announcements


NYC Technical Groups Holiday Party 2014

MONDAY, 01-DEC-2014      (** SPECIAL: 1st MONDAY **)

Clyde Frazier's Wine and Dine
485 10th Avenue
Midtown, NYC 10018

7:00 - 10:00 PM Holiday Party



Unigroup Members and Guests, and friends of Unigroup, are invited to attend the 2014 NYC Technical Groups Holiday Party!

Our thanks go to NYLUG and the 2014 NYC Tech Groups Party Organizers for setting everything up, acquiring event sponsors, and performing the planning for this event!


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   Please RSVP as soon as possible, preferably at least 2-3 days
   prior to the meeting date, so we can plan the food order.
   RSVP deadline is usually the night before the meeting day.

   ** RSVP are now *REQURED* for attending this event!
   ** Each attendee must individually RSVP!

   ** Please RSVP by Sunday Evening 30-NOV-2014.

   ** Various groups are collecting their own RSVPs, which will be
      combined as the event approaches.  If you have registered via
      another group's RSVP page, do NOT re-register via
      the Unigroup RSVP page.


     Clyde Frazier's Wine and Dine
     485 10th Avenue
     New York, NY 10018


Topic: NYC Technical Groups Holiday Party 2014

Introduction & Description of Talk:

Party Invitation: The Annual NYC Tech Meta-Party 2014

When: 7:00 PM until ?, Monday, December 1, 2014

Please RSVP either via Unigroup's RSVP Page (above), or at NYLUG's Meetup Page: http://rsvp.nylug.org/metaparty2014.

NYC technical user groups are joining forces to hold another holiday party to remember!

The NYC Technical User Group participants include:

Everyone of all types of expertise and interests are welcome. The party starts at 7 PM and will continue until at least 10 PM. It is the ideal networking opportunity of the season, and a chance to connect with old friends and make new ones.

Our generous sponsors are covering drinks and hors d'oeuvres for the evening. (Until the funds run out, at which point everyone is welcome to stay and partake of the cash bar.)

The current list of sponsors includes:

Additional sponsors are welcome to join in and show their support for New York City's technical community.

Help us make the 2014 holiday party a success!


Our thanks goes to all of the sponsors and organizers for this event!

Attend this event and help us make the 2014 Holiday Party a success!


Complimentary Food and Refreshments will be served.

Our thanks go to the 2014 Holiday Party Sponsors!

Please join us for this meeting, you won't want to miss it!

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