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Oracle Linux for CentOS Users
(Free stuff from Oracle? Really?)

David Gilpin, Principal Product Manager, Oracle Linux & Virtualization,

Thursday, 25-MAR-2021      (** SPECIAL 4th Thursday **)

ONLINE (via To-Be-Announced)
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6:30 - 6:45 PM Registration and Connect to ONLINE Meeeting
6:45 - 7:00 PM Unigroup Welcome
7:00 - 8:30 PM Main Presentation (shortened)

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Unigroup's March 2021 meeting will discuss Oracle Linux, given recent current events concerning CentOS Linux.

Oracle has stated: ``Oracle Linux is FREE to download, FREE to update, FREE to distribute. You don't have to log in to any Oracle system to get the ISO or free patches. Oracle Linux is a distribution that is "binary compatible with RHEL."''

This will be Unigroup's fourth-in-40-years 100% ONLINE meeting. Our thanks go to Oracle for helping us set up this ONLINE meeting. This meeting is expected to take place via Zoom, but stay tuned for further information.

Unigroup hopes that everyone has been safe, and will remain safe, during this Covid19 pandemic.


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Topic: Oracle Linux for CentOS Users

Related Topics/Keywords:

Oracle Linux, Unbreakable Linux, CentOS Linux, Linux Roadmap.

Introduction & Description of Talk:

This talk will be a discussion on Oracle Linux and its similarities to CentOS Linux.

A lot has happened recently with regard to "enterprise Linux" distributions. CentOS Linux 8 (as we know it) is going away later this calendar year. Oracle Linux is another RHEL and CentOS-compatible distribution that has been around for a long time. Oracle Linux is free to download, free to use, free to patch, and free to distribute!

Presentation Outline:

This Tech Talk will discuss Oracle Linux as a viable alternative to CentOS and RHEL. As the classic rock song states "it's been such a long time" since Unigroup has heard about Oracle Linux, so I will cover the wide-ranging features of the Oracle Linux distribution/environment. It's become so much more than "just a RHEL clone"...

Technical questions are welcomed. Oracle Linux has expanded to include a LOT of features and code, and Oracle itself has a LOT of products and applications. It's impossible for one human being to know everything, so I promise to accept questions - answer what I can - and follow-up with answers later for those I cannot.

References & Web Resources:

   Download Oracle Linux ISOs, no login required

   Oracle Linux Documentation

   Oracle Linux 8 Training videos

   Oracle Linux Blog

   Oracle Open Source Software

   Oracle Labs

   Wikipedia on Oracle Linux:

   Wikipedia on Oracle Corporation:

   Oracle Blog Article on Switching Linux:

   Oracle Linux Site on Switching Linux:

   Oracle Linux Site:

   Oracle Web Site:


David Gilpin, Principal Product Manager, Oracle Linux & Virtualization, Oracle.

David Gilpin is a Principal Product Manager (Oracle Linux Ambassador). He has been with Oracle for nearly 12 years. David has spent decades in IT as a Solution Architect involving the following technologies: Linux/UNIX, server hardware (Oracle, Sun, HP, Digital Equipment, IBM, Dell and others), storage (Sun, EMC, HDS, NetApp and others), Thin Clients & Network Computing (including Citrix), network printing (Xerox, Tektronix) and more. He has spoken at events such as Texas Linux Fest, Ohio Linux Fest, Dallas Oracle Users Group, USENIX, and Red Hat Summit. David has a BS in Computer Science from Sam Houston State University (go Bearkats!) in Huntsville TX. Hobbies include amateur radio (callsign K5GIL, Amateur Extra Class), computing, electronics and meteorology (Skywarn certified storm spotter.)


Oracle provides products and services for IT environments worldwide. Historically known for it's database, Oracle has aggressively expanded into ERP, data management, business analytics and application specialties across a wide range of vertical market segments including healthcare, retail, communications, construction and hospitality. More recently Oracle has rapidly expanded our Cloud offerings including the innovative Autonomous Database and Autonomous Linux. Oracle was founded in 1977; has about 135,000 employees worldwide and is based in Austin, TX.

For further information please visit the Oracle Web Site: http://www.oracle.com


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Please join us for this meeting, you won't want to miss it!

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