Unigroup Meeting Directions

Regular Meeting Dates/Times:

Unigroup General Meetings are typically held, at a minimum, on the Third Thursday's of Odd Numbered Months (Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov) at:
The Cooper Union, School of Engineering (see below).

Field Trip meetings are typically, but are not always, held on the Third Thursday's of Even Numbered Months at various locations around Manhattan.

Special Event meetings are also sometimes held at various Trade Shows or other events around New York City.

Unigroup meetings usually start at 6:30pm, and run through 9:30pm.

Regular Meeting Location:

   The Cooper Union
   School of Engineering (New Academic Building)
   41 Cooper Square (3rd Avenue @ 7th Street, between 6th and 7th Streets)
   East Village, Manhattan
   New York City, 10003
   Meeting Room: To-Be-Announced (changes from month-to-month)

The Cooper Union School of Engineering's new academic building is located on the East side of Cooper Square, on 3rd Avenue, between 6th and 7th Streets. Look for the new building with the non-traditional appearance, across (diagonally) from Cooper's Landmark Foundation Building. The building entrance is at the corner of 3rd Avenue and 7th Street.

Building lobby sign-in is required at the guard's desk. Enter the building, and check in with the guard for directions to the Unigroup meeting room.

Nearest mass transit stations are:
     '6'           to Astor Place (stops right at The Cooper Union),
                   then walk 1 block East and 1 block South.
     'R'           to 8th Street, then walk about 2 blocks East,
                   then 1 block South.
     '4/5/N/Q'     to Union Square, then walk South and East.
                   or transfer to the downtown '6' to Astor Place.
     'B/D/F/V'     to Broadway-Lafayette, then walk North and East.
                   or transfer to the uptown '6' to Astor Place.

Free street parking in the area becomes available at 6pm.

There are parking lots on Broadway, at (or just South of) 8th Street, across from the West side of Cooper Square, as well as various others in the area.

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