When:  Thursday, March 16th, 1995

     Where:  Chemical Bank
             55 Water Street (enter at Old Slip)
             South Tower, 13th Floor Conference Room (follow the signs)

      Time:  5:30 PM - 6:30 PM  Registration

             6:30 PM - 7:00 PM  Unigroup Business

             7:00 PM - 9:30 PM  Main Presentation: SENDMAIL

     Topic:  SENDMAIL

   Speaker:  David P. Feldman,
	     Systems Architect with the Debt Markets Group and
	     Postmaster for Merrill Lynch.

	Main Presentation:

	     Sendmail is a key program used to manage the flow of mail in
	     Unix-based networks.  As such, it is of interest to System
	     Administrators and other Unix managers who are responsible for
	     managing this vital function.

	     David P. Feldman, a Systems Architect with the Debt Markets
	     Group and Postmaster for Merrill Lynch, will present an overview
	     of sendmail at this meeting.  Mr. Feldman is responsible for
	     managing a complex network serving many thousands of users.

	     The following sendmail topics will be discussed:

		- Using the SMTP Protocol
		- Using the Sendmail Configuration File
		- Understanding and Using NIS and EMail Aliases
		- Enterprise-wide Considerations
		- Interfacing with SMTP gateways, including BANmail, cc:mail
		  and PROFS
		- Interfacing with the Internet
		- Security Considerations and How to Work with Firewalls

	     Deploying and managing sendmail is complex.
	     Don't miss this opportunity to learn from Dave's experience!

Directions:	55 Water Street is between Water Street & Front Streets
		at Old Slip...  about 7 blocks south of Fulton St. and
		the South Street Seaport.
		Take 4 train to Bowling Green & Walk Due East;
		Take 2/3 trains to Wall Street, Walk East to Water St.
			then walk South 5 blocks;
		Take M/J trains to Broad St., Walk East to Water St.;
		Take N/R trains to Whitehall St., Walk North East to Water St.
		There is parking on the street and there is a lot right
			in the building, entrance on Old Slip.

		Room Location Specifics:
		   Enter the building at Old Slip.  To get to the South
		   Tower of the complex, you enter the building at Old
		   Slip at the "North Tower" doors.  This entrance is
		   is immediately to the right of the main entrance,
		   towards Water Street.  Go past the guard's desk
		   (mentioning you are heading for Unigroup) to the
		   elevator bank and go to the 13th floor.
		   When you get to the 13th floor, follow the signs leading
		   you to the meeting room.

		   The signs will lead you from the elevator, through a set
		   of doors, then past the cafeteria.  If the entrance
		   doors near the elevator on the 13th floor are locked
		   (may happen after 6pm), call the security desk using the
		   available telephone, and they will radio the guard on
		   the 13th floor to let you in.  After the cafeteria, you
		   see another "lobby" area.  Walk past the cash machines,
		   make a left and look for a sign marking the meeting room.


	Fee Schedule:
		Yearly Membership:				$ 50.00
		Single Meeting:					$ 20.00
		Student Yearly Membership:			$ 20.00
		Student Single Meeting:				$  5.00
	==>	Uniforum/Unigroup Joint Yearly Membership	$125.00
		Cash, Check, American Express.

	==>	Unigroup is the Greater NYC Regional Area Affiliate
		of Uniforum - an International Unix Users Group.
		Our Joint Membership Program gives you FULL membership
		in both organizations for a discounted price.


	Please mark this meeting on your calendar and join us!
	Please tell your friends about Unigroup!



Thanks to Chemical Bank, Unigroup holds regular meetings planned for
the Third THURSDAY of Odd Months at Chemical Bank, 55 Water Street, NYC.
Planned meeting dates are: 3/16/95, 5/18/95, 7/20/95, 9/21/95...
Watch for our Special Event meetings at the various trade shows in NYC.

To renew your dues, pay your yearly membership or for general information,
 contact Unigroup of NY by USmail:
	Unigroup of New York, Inc., G.P.O. Box 1931, New York, NY 10116-1931

For further information or to get on the Unigroup Electronic Mail Mailing List
 send an Email message to:
	unilist@unigroup.org  or  uunet!unigroup.org!unilist

To contact the Board of Directors of Unigroup, send an Email message to:

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Unigroup is currently working on filling our 1995 meeting schedule.
We currently have the following topics in mind:

	- NFS
	- Domain Name System (DNS)
	- NIS+
	- Firewalls & Security
	- Privacy and Encryption (including PGP)
	- Multimedia Enhanced EMail - MIME/Metamail
	- Unix Administration Tools: crash & fsdb
	- IP version 6
	- Kerberos
	- Object Oriented Databases
	- Fault Tolerant Unix

PLEASE let us know immediately if you:

	- Can give us a presentation on one of these topics
	- Know of a speaker for one of the these topics
	- Have another topic you think we should address
	- Can help us plan one or more meetings - be a meeting coordinator.



A few months ago, the publisher of New York Unix Magazine informed us that the
magazine was "going on hold."  (That's why you havn't seen an issue lately).

Ross Ziskind has volunteered to restart the newsletter and he has seen that
the first issue (this month's meeting announcement) has gone out.  The
announcement has already arriving around NYC... keep an eye out for yours
(assuming you are on our US Mail mailing list).

To keep the newsletter going, the two biggest problems to overcome are:

	a) Volunteers to see that it gets out
	b) Content material

If you have any ideas or can help contribute to our newsletter, please make
them known at our meetings and/or let us know by EMail.  If you know anyone
who has experience in sending out a newsletter, we can always use some good
advice.  Ross can be reached via email to editor@unigroup.org.


5.	NYSA Meeting Announcement

Here is the current announcement from our friends at the NYSA group:

> Date: Wed, 08 Mar 1995 12:02:09 -0500
> From: xev@morgan.com (Xev Gittler)
> Subject: March NYSA Meeting (3/13/95)
> To: nysa@esm.com
> The March meeting of the New York Systems Administration group (NYSA)
> will be held on Monday, March 13 at 6:15pm.
> This meeting will be hosted by Box Hill Systems, located at
> 161 6th Avenue, 10th Floor (on the corner of 6th and spring).
> [Sorry for the late notice]
> At Monday's NYSA meeting, Perry Metzger will be speaking on the
> latest proposals being discussed in the IETF for securing the
> internet, including the IPSP proposal of which he is a co-author.
> As the Internet has expanded and as companies have started to depend
> on it more and more for their day to day operations, the security of
> the internet protocol suite (or lack thereof) has become more and more
> of an issue of wide importance. The Internet Engineering Task Force,
> or IETF, which is the organization that plans the future directions of
> the internet, has been working on this problem with increasing urgency.
> Perry is the President of Piermont Information Systems, a New York
> metro area consulting firm. Perry has worked at Bellcore, Morgan
> Stanley and Lehman Brothers, and is deeply involved in current efforts
> to improve the security of the Internet
> Directions by Subway - C or E train to Spring Street Station
> Xev Gittler
> xev@morgan.com


6.	X World Show

The X World Show is being held March 20-23, 1995 in New York City
at the New York Marriott Marquis.

Free Exhibits passes are available in the show brochure and we were told
they will be available at the door.

The show brochure lists the following EMail address for registration:


I hope to see you all at Unigroup's March 1995 meeting...

-Rob Weiner
 Unigroup Executive Director

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