When:  Wednesday, September 20th, 1995

     Where:  Unix Expo '95
	     Conference Room 1E10
	     Jacob K. Javits Convention Center
	     12th Avenue & 34th Street, New York City

      Time:  5:45 PM	Registration
	     6:00 PM	Main Presentation

     Topic:  NFS - The Network File System

   Speaker:  John Costa, Consulting Systems Engineer
	     Auspex Systems

   Main Presentation:

   John Costa of Auspex Systems will give a technical presentation on the
   Network File System (NFS) which is a popular distributed filesystem used
   in Unix environments.  Originally developed by Sun, NFS is now supported
   by virtually all Unix implementations.  It enables users to access files
   which are physically located on remote machines, as if they were attached
   locally.  NFS is licensed to over 300 system vendors and runs on
   over 4 Million hosts.

   Demands for NFS service have increased over the last few years, due to
   major improvements in client workstation performance.  Auspex, an NFS
   specialist, has developed an approach to NFS which uses a server
   architecture designed for high-speed data delivery to significantly
   improve overall system performance and reliability.
   John Costa's presentation will cover NFS architecture, problems and issues,
   and will include case study examples of things to look for when diagnosing
   NFS bottlenecks.  Possible workarounds in both hardware and software
   including Auspex's new Fault Tolerant NFS architecture will be discussed.

   Speaker Biography:

   Since 1980 John Costa has been employed in the computer industry with
   various sales support positions. Prior to joining Auspex, he was a
   Regional Systems Specialist at Computervision Corporation, a division of
   Prime Computer.  He joined Auspex in June 1991 as a Systems Engineer.
   Mr. Costa is currently a Consulting Systems Engineer focusing on the
   financial and Wall Street community.

   | Note: This meeting is Free and Open to the Public! All are welcome! |


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2.	UNIX EXPO '95

Unix Expo '95 comes to NYC at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center on:

	Tuesday	   September 19th    11:00 am - 5:00 pm
	Wednesday  September 20th    10:00 am - 5:00 pm
	Thursday   September 21st    10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Unigroup members will receive a Complimentary Exhibits Pass (good on-site)
via U.S. Mail enclosed in the latest issue of the Unigroup Newsletter.

For more information check out:  http://www.shownet.com

==> Remember to join us for our meeting after the show on Wednesday! <==

* Unigroup will also be Exhibiting at Unix Expo in Booth # 332 *

Please stop by and say hello.

More importantly: UNIGROUP NEEDS VOLUNTEERS to help staff our booth!

If you can help staff the booth for any amount of time (from 1/2 hr
to a half or full day) please contact us immediately.  Your help is
greatly appreciated.


3.	NYSA Group Announcement

The following announcement is from our friends at the New York Systems
Administration Group:

> From: "Xev Gittler" 
> To: nysa@esm.com
> Subject: September NYSA Meeting
> The next NYSA meeting will be on September 12, the second Tuesday of
> September, at 6:15PM (location will be announced at a later date).
> Xev Gittler and Phil Moore will discuss the Aurora operating
> environment under development at Morgan Stanley. Aurora is a new distributed
> systems environment that will allow Morgan Stanley to centrally manage
> tens of thousands of systems spread out over more than 30 offices around
> the globe in a fully production fashion. This talk is a preview of a talk
> that will be given at this year's LISA conference.
> October's session will be another set of mini-talks, 3-5 talks about 10-20
> minutes in length that discuss some interesting aspect of something that
> people are working on. If you have an idea and want to do one of these,
> please send mail about it to nysa-cc@esm.com.
> Xev Gittler
> xev@lehman.com



Thanks to Chemical Bank, Unigroup holds regular meetings planned for
the Third THURSDAY of Odd Months at Chemical Bank, 55 Water Street, NYC.
Planned meeting dates are: 9/20/95 (at Unix Expo), 11/16/95, 1/18/96...
Watch for our Special Event meetings at the various trade shows in NYC.

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To renew your dues, pay your yearly membership or for general information,
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Unigroup is currently working on filling our 1996 meeting schedule.
We currently have the following topics in mind:

	- NFS			- John Costa/Auspex - Sep '95 Unix Expo

	- NIS+			- Hal Stern         - Nov '95
	  Hal is the author of the O'Reilly book on NFS & NIS.

	- IP version 6		- Perry Metzger     - Jan '96
	  This talk will also include a discussion about the new IP Layer
	  Security Architecture (for IP v4 and v6) which Perry co-authored.

	- Domain Name System (DNS)
	- Privacy and Encryption (including PGP)
	- Multimedia Enhanced EMail - MIME/Metamail
	- Publically Available Unix Tools
	- Unix Administration Tools: crash & fsdb
	- Kerberos
	- Object Oriented Databases
	- Fault Tolerant Unix

PLEASE let us know immediately if you:

	- Can give us a presentation on one of these topics
	- Know of a speaker for one of the these topics
	- Have another topic you think we should address
	- Can help us plan one or more meetings - be a meeting coordinator.



Ross Ziskind has successfully restarted the Unigroup newsletter and is the
current newsletter editor.  Keep an eye out for the next issue (assuming you
are on our US Mail mailing list).

To keep the newsletter going, the two biggest problems to overcome are:

	a) Volunteers to see that it gets out
	b) Content material

If you have any ideas or can help contribute to our newsletter, please make
them known at our meetings and/or let us know by EMail.  If you know anyone
who has experience in sending out a newsletter, we can always use some good
advice.  Ross can be reached via email to editor@unigroup.org.


I hope to see you all at Unigroup's September 1995 Unix Expo meeting...

-Rob Weiner
 Unigroup Executive Director

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