When:  Thursday, November 20th, 1997

     Where:  The Chase Manhattan Bank (formerly Chemical Bank)
             55 Water Street (enter at Old Slip)
             South Tower
             13th Floor, Conference Rooms B+C

      Time:  6:00 PM - 6:30 PM  Registration
             6:30 PM - 6:45 PM  Unigroup Business
             6:45 PM - 9:30 PM  Main Presentation:

     Topic:  The Development of a Security Policy

  Speakers:  William L. Garner, President
             The North American Performance Group 

  Main Presentation:

  Security Policy is the foundation on which an organization builds
  it's security infrastructure.  This presentation will discuss the
  vital component parts of a security policy, numerous legal
  implications of a security policy, and various strategic
  considerations that must play a part in the development of a
  security policy.  This presentation will include "how to" aspects
  of policy development. 

  Speaker Bio:

  During his fifteen-year career, William Garner has worked in the
  areas of systems administration and management, general consulting,
  security audits, training and application development.  His view
  considers both Unix and non-Unix approaches.  He has also authored
  numerous papers dealing with performance tuning, security and System
  Administration.  In addition, he has developed Security Policies and
  Practices and written Standards Documentation for numerous
  organizations.  The NAPG Web Page (listed above) contains further
  information about Mr. Garner and his company.


  Refreshments will be served.


     55 Water Street is between Water Street & Front Streets at Old Slip...
     about 7 blocks south of Fulton St. and the South Street Seaport.
     Take 4 train to Bowling Green & Walk Due East;
     Take 2/3 trains to Wall Street, Walk East to Water St.
          then walk South 5 blocks;
     Take M/J trains to Broad St., Walk East to Water St.;
     Take N/R trains to Whitehall St., Walk North East to Water St.
     There is parking on the street and there is a lot right
          in the building, entrance on Old Slip.
     Walking from Wall St., follow William St. south which bends around
          and leads you to Hanover Sq. and Old Slip is across Water Street.

  Room Location Specifics:
     Enter the building at Old Slip.  To get to the South Tower of the
     complex, you enter the building at Old Slip at the "North Tower"
     doors.  This entrance is is immediately to the right of the main
     entrance, towards Water Street.  Go past the guard's desk (mentioning
     you are heading for Unigroup) to the elevator bank and go to the 13th
     floor.  When you get to the 13th floor, follow the signs leading you
     to the meeting room.

     The signs will lead you from the elevator, through a set of doors
     (soda machine will be on your left), then past the cafeteria.  After
     the cafeteria, you see another "lobby" area.  Walk past the cash
     machines, make a left and look for a sign marking the meeting room.
     Conference Rooms B+C will be on your right.

     If you come very early, we may not have the signs in place yet, but
     hopefully these directions will get you to the meeting room.
     If you arrive before Unigroup Board Members, please be patient and
     wait for us to arrive.  The building cafeteria is open to the public.


  Fee Schedule:
         Yearly Membership (includes all meetings):      $ 50.00
         Non-Member Single Meeting:                      $ 20.00
         Student Yearly Membership:                      $ 20.00
         Non-Member Student Single Meeting:              $  5.00
    ==>  UniForum/Unigroup Joint Yearly Membership       $125.00
         Cash, Check, American Express.

    ==>  Unigroup is the Greater NYC Regional Area Affiliate
         of UniForum - an International Unix Users Group.
         Our Joint Membership Program gives you FULL membership
         in both organizations for a discounted price.
         For information about UniForum visit http://www.uniforum.org.

    **** Note that the UniForum Joint Membership Fee might increase
         without notice due to the reorganization underway at UniForum.


  Please mark this meeting on your calendar and join us!
  Please tell your friends about Unigroup!



  Unigroup held its September general meeting at the IT Forum/Unix Expo at
  the Javits Center in September.  The topics were the Gemini Project, the
  Santa Cruz Operation's merger of Open Server with UnixWare, and the
  planned 64-bit future Unix being developed with Hewlett-Packard.
  Tamar Newberger of SCO, carefully presented this material, working around
  various restrictions posed by non-disclosure agreements with HP and Intel.
  Thank you Ms. Newberger and Peter Gordon of the NYC SCO office.

  Unigroup also had a booth at the IT Forum/Unix Expo.  Many thanks go to
  the following volunteers who helped make the booth a success:
  Asher Mantle, Dina Sarti, Michael Smith, Art Sullivan, Jay Sulzberger,
  Steve Verbil, Rob Weiner and Dan Wexler,



>  SNAC '97 Product and Technology Expo - November 11-14, 1997 
>  Exposition: November 12-13, 1997, Open 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
>  Tutorials: November 11, 1997, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 
>  Keynotes & Classes: November 12-14, 1997, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 
>  Where: Marriott Marquis Hotel
>         1535 Broadway, New York, NY 10036, (212) 398-1900 
>  Sponsor: Miller Freeman and their subsidiaries including UNIX Review,
>           Sys Admin, Network, and the Computer Security Institute.
>  Telephone: (800) 527-0207, (972) 239-3060, (800) 789-2223, (972) 419-7949
>  Fax: (972) 419-7984, Email: snac97@mfi.com, Web: http://www.snac97.com
>  "A complimentary lunch will be served every day on SNAC's Expo floor." 
>  You can register on the website for a free exhibits-only pass. 
>  The following are explicitly invited: "Systems managers, network
>  managers, administrators, systems engineers, systems analysts, technical
>  support, MIS directors/managers, computer operations managers,
>  programmers, project leaders, consultants, and systems architects." 



>  The Fall Internet World '97 will be held December 8th-12th at the
>  Javits Center in NYC.  For further information, see the show web sites
>  http://www.internet.com and http://events.internet.com/fall97/
>  Red Hat Software will be exhibiting.  Look for a LXNY Red Hat meeting.



> From: "Xev Gittler" 
> Date: Thu, 6 Nov 1997 12:17:59 -0500
> To: nysa-members@nysa.org
> Subject: Tuesday NYSA Meeting - Randal Schwartz
> The New York System Administrators (NYSA) guild, a local chapter of SAGE,
> meets the second Tuesday every month to discuss topics of interest to
> New York City area system administrators. The meetings are free and
> open to the public.
> The next meeting will be on Tuesday, November 11, from 6:30m - ~9:30.
> (Note that we are starting a bit later, because the room is in use
> before that). It will be held at Morgan Stanley, 750 7th Avenue,
> 4th Floor. Directions are available at the end of the message.
> The presentation will be "Just Another Convicted Perl Hacker" by
> Randal L. Schwartz. (The previously announced topic will be bumped
> until another month).
> Randal is a, very real, convicted felon and co-System Administrator (and
> to a lot of SAGE members "one of the good guys"). You may know him better
> as the author of two Nutshell books for O'Reilly and Associates:
> "Learning Perl" (aka the Llama Book) Available in English, Japanese, French,
> and German; and "Programming Perl" (aka the Camel Book). Randal also
> writes a bi-monthly column for Unix Review, as well as a monthly column for
> Web Techniques magazine (from the people that brought us Dr. Dobbs Journal).
> However, in July 1995, Randal Schwartz was convicted by a jury
> of three felony counts under Oregon's Computer Crime Law. The charges
> related to his activities while working as a consultant (Systems
> Administrator) at an Intel Corporation facility in Beaverton, Oregon.
> His sentence issued in September includes 5 years of probation, 480
> hours of community  Service, 90 days of deferred (cancelable) jail time,
> and $68k of restitution to Intel. His legal bill exceeded $170k by the
> end of 1995.
> Randal Schwartz is respected on the Internet for his contributions to
> the progress of the Perl programming language through his two books,
> long-time participation in the comp.lang.perl(.misc) newsgroup,
> moderation of the newer comp.lang.perl.announce newsgroup, and his
> training courses.
> The purpose of his talk is to describe both the events, his mistakes and
> the problems with modern computer crime laws.  This talk is designed
> to help prevent what happened to him from happening to any other
> well-intentioned  computing professional. Preventing similar incidents
> requires insight into this unforeseen application of a law that is
> intended to protect organizations against thieves, spies, and casual
> intruders to the enforcement of a corporation's internal rules of
> operation.
> I am expecting a larger turnout than normal. Therefore, if you are
> planning to attend and do not regularly attend NYSA meetings, please
> drop me a note at xev@lehman.com so that I can gauge the room I'll need.
> For more information about NYSA, and to check for the location if
> its getting close and you haven't heard yet, check out http://www.nysa.org.
> To subscribe to our mailing list. by sending a subscribe message
> (the word subscribe in the body of the message) to majordomo@nysa.org.
> Directions to Morgan Stanley:
> By Subway - 1 and 9 to 50th Street
>           - B, D and E to 7th Avenue (and 53rd)
>           - N and R to 49th Street.
>   The 1, 9, N and R stations are in the building, although you must walk
>     out to the streetand around the block to reach the lobby entrance on
>     7th Avenue.
> Feel free to forward this message to anyone or any list you'd like.
> Xev Gittler
> xev@lehman.com



> ICCA NYC Dinner Meeting - November 24th, 1997
> =============================================
> Location: Pete's Tavern, 129 East 18th Street & Irving Place
> The Speaker will be Clifton J. Brown: he is an insurance agent
> that specializes in bad debts insurance, for CNA Insurance.
> He formerly held numerous assignments for Continental Insurance
> in sales and marketing, underwriting and reinsurance for most
> property and casualty lines of business. He has the Chartered
> Property Casualty Underwriter designation and is a graduate of
> Muhlenberg College and Adelphi University with an MBA in Finance.
> The Discussion will focus on: 
> - How businesses can minimize exposure of loss from commercial
>   bad depts. 
> - How to better manage accounts receivable to free up
>   selling time. 
> - How to increase sales without taking undue credit risk. 
> - How to enhance borrowing power.
> - How to effectively deal with collection headaches. 
> After the speaker there will be an open discussion on accounts
> recievable, how to collect your monies faster and for a less cost.
> The discussion will be moderated by the speaker. 
> See:  http://www.iccanyc.org                  ICCA-NYC Web Page
>       http://www.iccanyc.org/nycmeet.shtml    NYC Meeting Page


> Date: Wed, 29 Oct 1997 18:23:15
> From: Bill Zack 
> Subject: NY NT Group
> ################################################################
>              New York Windows NT User Group Newsletter
>                            Next Meeting:
>                         November 13, 1997
>                 Clustering and Fault Tolerance
>                      for Windows NT Server
> ################################################################
> ===============================================================
> November 13th meeting information
> ===============================================================
> o Topic
> Clustering and Fault Tolerance for Windows NT Server
> o Presenter
> Michael Bartkus, Account Manager, 
> Octopus Technologies, Inc., Division of Qualix Group.
> o Abstract
> The meeting will begin with a discussion of the capabilities of 
> Octopus in the areas of data protection and high availability of
> Windows NT Server followed by an actual demonstration of these 
> features.  
> Octopus mirrors data from "source" machines to "target" 
> machines in real time, insuring that data is always resident in
> at least two places at all times.  They can go one-to-one,
> one-to-many, many-to-one, and many-to-many across a LAN, WAN or
> dedicated link.  Machines do not need to be identical.  
> Upon failure of a source machine, Octopus can switch from the 
> failed server to a designated target machine automatically, 
> unattended.  Target machines can take over the identity of 
> multiple failed source machines.  Real-time mirroring and 
> automatic switchover over will be demonstrated in the meeting.
> Light refreshments (cookies) for this meeting will be provided
> by Media Connection of New York.
> o Location
> The meeting will be held at Microsoft 825 8th Avenue (between
> 49th and 50th street) on the 18th floor starting at 6:30 PM.  Call
> our 24-hour voice hotline at 212-533-NYPC for last minute 
> changes.  Use menu code NT1.
> ===============================================================
> Membership Information
> ===============================================================
> o Contact
> For additional information on the New York Windows NT User 
> Group, or to be placed on the mailing list, contact: Bill Zack 
> at wzack@compuserve.com or Tony Iams at tony@dhbrown.com.
> o Sponsorship
> The New York Windows NT User Group is sponsored by the New York
> PC User Group (NYPC).  NYPC membership is open to everyone for 
> $35 a year or $65 for two years.  For an application form visit
> the NYPC home page at: http://www/catalog.com/nypc/
> From time to time vendor companies sponsor refreshments at our
> meetings.  If you or your company are interested in doing this
> in exchange for some publicity please let us know.



  Unigroup is one of the oldest and largest Unix User's Groups serving the
  Greater New York City Regional Area since the early 1980s.  Unigroup is
  not-for-profit, vendor-neutral and member funded.  Unigroup holds regular
  and special event meetings throughout the year on technical topics relating
  to Unix and the Unix User Community.   Unigroup is also the Greater NYC
  Regional Area Affiliate of UniForum - an International Unix Users Group.

  Thanks to Chase/Chemical Bank, Unigroup holds regular meetings planned for
  the Third THURSDAY of Odd Months at The Chase Bank, 55 Water Street, NYC.
  Planned meeting dates are: 11/20/97, 1/15/98, 3/19/98, ...
  Watch for our Special Event meetings at the various trade shows in NYC.

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I hope to see you all at Unigroup's November 1997 meeting.

-Rob Weiner
 Unigroup Executive Director

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