When:  Thursday, September 21, 2000

     Where:  The Chase Manhattan Bank
             55 Water Street (enter at Old Slip)
             South Tower
             13th Floor, Conference Room C

      Time:  6:15 PM - 6:30 PM  Registration
             6:30 PM - 6:40 PM  Ask the Wizard,
                                Questions, Answers and Current Events
             6:40 PM - 6:50 PM  Unigroup Business
             6:50 PM - 9:30 PM  Main Presentation


   Speaker:  David Sugar
             GNU maintainer for Bayonne 

  Meeting Introduction:

  The computer telephony market has grown extensively in the past
  few years.  You can now find Windows-based Answering Machines and
  NT-based PBXs, but there are relatively few Voice applications
  available for Unix or GNU/Linux.  Commercially, there are a variety
  of Voice related products which run on SCO Unixware on hardware
  from voice board vendors such as Dialogic (see links below).
  Commercial Unix-based Voicemail Systems from telephone equipment
  manufacturers such as Lucent have been on the market for years,
  but those solutions tend to be expensive.

  In recent years, voice capable modems opened up an opportunity
  for low cost platform independent voice processing, but software
  across the board was weak at best, especially the commercial
  software for Windows platforms using Windows APIs.  The best bet
  for dealing with voice was to use a dedicated board from a
  hardware vendor who had a developers kit for your platform.

  By the 1997 timeframe, the free software community enhanced the
  well known mgetty+sendfax program with vgetty voice extensions
  providing a C source code and library for voice processing.

  Now, in the year 2000, the Bayonne project is underway and Voice
  processing for Unix (using freely available software) has
  advanced to a new level.  Bayonne is the multi-line "voice response"
  telephony server of the GNU project.  Bayonne's purpose as a
  "telephony" server is to provide a service daemon which can
  automatically process telephone callers on a GNU operating system
  in an extensible manner.  Bayonne uses extension scripting to
  specify and control call flow, and is suitable for building
  applications such as "Interactive Voice Response", telephone based
  system administration and control, and voice messaging such as
  "voice mail".  Bayonne can be implemented on systems ranging from
  small embedded servers up to offering a platform for deployment of
  "enhanced" carrier services.

  In addition to scripting, Bayonne is fully modular and can be
  integrated with many common GNU system services.  Perl and
  system applications can be invoked through "TGI" (Telephony Gateway
  Interface) offering web integration and v-commerce solutions.
  Plugins can be developed to directly extend the Bayonne server
  and to introduce services not even envisioned today.

  Bayonne is written entirely in C++, uses a fully threaded script
  driven state-event call server at the core for SMP performance, and
  is itself built entirely from DSO components that are selected and
  loaded at runtime, much like what XFree 4.x does for graphic drivers.

  Web Resources:

   1. Bayonne                          http://www.bayonne.cx
   2. Voxilla                          http://www.voxilla.org
   3. GNUCOMM               http://www.fsf.org/software/gnucomm/gnucomm.html
   4. Vgetty                           http://alpha.greenie.net/vgetty
   5. Linux Telephony                  http://linuxtelephony.org
   6. comp.dcom.telecom                news:comp.dcom.telecom
   7. comp.dcom.telecom.tech           news:comp.dcom.telecom.tech
   8. Telecom Information Resources    http://china.si.umich.edu/telecom
   9. The Telecom Archives
  10. CommWeb                          http://www.commweb.com
  11. Computer Telephony Magazine      http://www.computertelephony.com
  12. Internet Telephony Magazine      http://www.itmag.com
  13. Internet Telecom Expo            http://www.i-telecomexpo.com
  14. SCO's Telephony Page             http://www.sco.com/telephony
  15. SCO's Telecom Parter Page        
  16. Dialogic                         http://www.dialogic.com

  General Interest Links:

  17. GNU                              http://www.gnu.org http://www.fsf.org
  18. Open Source Development Network  http://osdn.com
  19. Source Forge                     http://sourceforge.net
  20. FreshMeat                        http://freshmeat.net
  21. SlashDot                         http://www.slashdot.org
  22. NewsForge                        http://www.newsforge.com
  23. Linux Router Project             http://www.linuxrouter.org
  24. Tucows LWN                       http://www.lwn.net

  Description of Talk:

  David will give a general overview of the telecom market and why free
  software is important to it.  The history of Bayonne, current status,
  and future plans will be discussed.  This includes the project's
  discussion with the CMU folks to roll out Bayonne hosted Sphinx ASR
  services and festival servers for voice web browsing.  The talk will
  be free form with Q&A sections.

  Speaker Biography: 

  (Modified from http://www.ostel.com/about.html)

  David Sugar is the Chief Technology Officer of Open Source Telecom
  Corporation.  He has been actively involved in both the formative years
  of personal computer technology and later in the development of computer
  based telephony systems.  While with Panasonic, Mr. Sugar was involved in
  the design, implementation, and bringing to market of an entirely new
  family of PC integrated voice messaging and ACD products for the Panasonic
  DBS.  In more recent years, Mr. Sugar has contributed to the development of
  biometric technology and, while director of software development for
  Fortran Corp., was responsible for the development of single-point-of-entry
  network management tools for PBX systems that are used to maintain the
  communications infrastructure of several prominent federal agencies,
  including the SEC and Social Security Administration, as well as the
  Federal Reserve board.  He is also the author of many free software
  projects, including ACS and Bayonne, powerful free
  telecommunications servers.  He has been involved with the free software
  movement since before the evolution of the current crop of free
  operating systems, writing programs to perform as bulletin boards, getty's,
  text-to-speech engines, and switch interface daemons, to name a few. 
  David was recently elected to represent the software community in the
  International Softswitch Consortium and is an active member of the
  Embedded Linux Consoritum.


  Complimentary Refreshments will be served.  This now includes salads
  and sandwiches (eg. turkey, roast beef, chicken, tuna)!


     55 Water Street is between Water Street & Front Streets at Old Slip...
     about 7 blocks south of Fulton St. and the South Street Seaport.
     Take 4 train to Bowling Green & Walk Due East;
     Take 2/3 trains to Wall Street, Walk East to Water St.
          then walk South 5 blocks;
     Take M/J trains to Broad St., Walk East to Water St.;
     Take N/R trains to Whitehall St., Walk North East to Water St.
     There is parking on the street (after 6:30-7pm) and there is a lot
          right in the building, entrance on Old Slip.
     Walking from Wall St., follow William St. south which bends around
          and leads you to Hanover Sq. and Old Slip is across Water Street.

  Room Location Specifics:
     Enter the building at Old Slip.  To get to the South Tower of the
     complex, you enter the building at Old Slip at the "North Tower"
     doors.  This entrance is is immediately to the right of the main
     entrance, towards Water Street... ie. Use the right-most side doors
     rather than walking straight ahead at the Old Slip entrance.
     Go past the guard's desk (mentioning you are heading for Unigroup,
     sometimes there is a sign-in) to the elevator bank and go to the 13th
     floor.  When you get to the 13th floor, follow the signs leading you
     to the meeting room.

     The signs will lead you from the elevator, through a set of doors
     (soda machine will be on your left), then past the cafeteria.  After
     the cafeteria, you see another "lobby" area.  Walk past the cash
     machines, make a left and look for a sign marking the meeting room.
     Conference Room C will be on your left.

     If you come very early, we may not have the signs in place yet, but
     hopefully these directions will get you to the meeting room.
     If you arrive before Unigroup Board Members, please be patient and
     wait for us to arrive.


  Fee Schedule:
         Yearly Membership (includes all meetings):      $ 50.00
       * Non-Member Single Meeting:                      $ 20.00
         Student Yearly Membership:                      $ 20.00
         Non-Member Student Single Meeting (with ID):    $  5.00
         Cash, Check, American Express.
       * Employees of Chase (with ID) can attend general meetings at no charge.

    ==>  Unigroup is the Greater NYC Regional Area Affiliate
         of UniForum - an International Unix Users Group.
         Our Joint Membership Program with UniForum is currently
         on hold due to circumstances at UniForum.
         For information about UniForum visit http://www.uniforum.org.


  Please mark this meeting on your calendar and join us!
  Please tell your friends about Unigroup!



   We have a couple of meetings in the works.
   - Building a Firewall using FreeBSD
   - Linux Beowolf Clusters
   - Unix Office Tools:  Word Processors, Spreadsheets, Accounting Packages.
   - Emacs

   Please let us know about any other meeting topics that you may be
   interested in.



   Our thanks go to Dan Kalagher and Dot Hill Systems
    for helping us out on short notice for our
   meeting in July.  Dan gave us a great presentation on Storage Technology
   Trends touching on topics including SCSI standards, Fibre Channel
   (cooper and fiber), NAS, SAN, NFS, InfiniBand as well as the topics of
   "Data Tone" and reliability.

   Dot Hill was well represented, Dan arrived with support from both
   Sales and Engineering.  Technical questions were readily answered.



   We are announcing two meetings in this issue.  First is the NYSA meeting
   TONIGHT (Wed Sept. 13th).  Second is a special ICCA-NYC meeting at Apple.


   The announcement is big, but the topic looks great so I'm enclosing it all:

   # From:    "Michael C. Ibarra" 
   # Subject: NYSA - Presenation/Meeting Reminder for This Wednesday (Secure DNS)
   # Date:    Mon, 11 Sep 2000 11:56:27 -0400
   # This is just a friendly remeinder that the upcoming NYSA meeting/
   # presentation will be held this Wednesday at 6:30PM, presentation 
   # to begin at about 7PM.   Attendance, refreshments and sandwiches
   # (all compliments of DotHill) are free. Please let me know if you
   # are attending so that I can make certain to request enough sandwiches
   # and sodas for all.  The presentation will be followed by the usual
   # round of drinks afterwards for those who care to attend.
   # Lastly, this presentation is *NOT* NT based, as some of you had asked,
   # rather Secure BIND/DNS.
   # ----- Forwarded message from "Michael C. Ibarra"  -----
   # Hello:
   # 	I am pleased to announce this upcoming months NYSA meet-
   # ing which will be held Wed. Sept 13th, 2000. The meeting will
   # begin at 6:30 for registration, sodas and sandwiches and our
   # speaker will begin his presentation at 7:00 PM.
   #         This months topic will be called "Everything you always
   # wanted to know about DNS security but were afraid to ask". Our
   # speaker, Matt Larson is also the co-author of the O'Reilly book
   # "DNS on Windows NT" http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/dnswinnt/.
   # The presentation will cover configuring name servers securely
   # using a variety of techniques: BIND 8's security related options,
   # ACLs and TSIG. Matt will also give a brief overview of DNSSEC
   # and what we can expect with that.
   # 	Please feel free to drop me a line with any questions and
   # or comments you may have as well as a confirmation of attendance.
   # Feel free to invite others and/or pass this message along in its
   # entirety so that others may beneifit from this presentation. As
   # always admission is free!!! I hope to see all of you at this meet-
   # ing where other new and exciting information regarding NYSA will
   # be announced as well.
   # Regards,
   # -mike
   # Date:
   #           WED. - 6:30 PM - 13 SEPT 2000
   # Location:
   #           DotHill Systems (www.dothill.com), 161 Ave of Americas
   # 	         (corner of Spring Street) 10th Floor
   # Directions:
   #           By Subway:
   #           E/C train to Spring Street station.
   # Subway Map:
   # 	  http://www.mediabridge.com/nyc/transportation/subways/
   # Topic:	
   #         Everything you always wanted to know about DNS security
   #                         but were afraid to ask	
   # 	-------------------------------------------------------
   # Speaker:
   # Matt Larson co-founded Acme Byte & Wire, a company specializing
   # in DNS consulting and training, with Cricket Liu in 1997.  The
   # company was recently acquired by the Network Solutions Registry,
   # where Matt now works as DNS Platform Manager.  He oversees the
   # gTLD name servers operated by the Registry and works on a variety
   # of DNS-related projects.  Matt is the co-author of the book "DNS
   # on Windows NT" (soon to be reincarnated as "DNS on Windows 2000")
   # by O'Reilly and Associates.
   # ----- End forwarded message -----
   # 	  The information contained in this message 
   # 	   is not necessarily the opinion of Hawk 
   # 	           Technologies, Inc.
   # **************************************************************************
   # To unsubscribe to this list, send mail with the word 'unsubscribe'
   # in the body of the message to majordomo@nysa.org.
   # For administrivia or questions about NYSA, send mail to nysa-cc@nysa.org.
   # Check out the NYSA web page at www.nysa.org.
   # **************************************************************************


   % ICCA-NYC September kickoff meeting Sponsored by APPLE
   % Topic: Apple New Product Update
   % When:  Monday September 18th at 6:30pm
   % Where: New York Apple Market Center, Citigroup Building,
   %        153 e. 53rd Street., 29th Floor, NYC
   % Dinner Will Be Sponsored by Apple
   % Don't miss this exciting opportunity to get up to date on the latest
   % Apple technology trends that can help you develop the best solutions
   % for your clients and maintain a competitive edge.
   % The Apple New Product Update features the Power Mac G4 Cube, the
   % dual processor Power Mac G4, a new optical mouse, new colorful iMacs,
   % hot new displays.  The technology briefing will be delivered by an
   % Apple Engineer.  It's free, and designed as a customer briefing
   % targeted for Computer Consultants.
   % RSVP to rsvp@ldcomp.net by September 12th with your full name, company
   % name, phone number and e-mail address and number of people attending.
   % See the ICCA-NYC Web Site for more information: http://www.iccanyc.org



   Internet Telecom Expo 2000 will be held on September 19 - 21, 2000 at
   the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City, New York.
   At Internet Telecom Expo 2000, you can expect to get a first-hand look 
   at e-technologies that are turning Internet-Telecommunications into one 
   of the most profitable and global industries of our time.
   The show floor contains the latest wireless products and services that 
   are revolutionizing the call center, CRM and Internet markets. See the 
   latest in: Wireless Internet services, Voice Over IP, Web-enabled call
   centers, M-commerce, Unified messaging, CRM applications, e-Commerce.
   See http://www.I-TelecomExpo.com for Free Exhibit Hall Registration.

   Financial Technology Expo 2000 is the 9th annual conference and
   exposition for IT professionals... the ONLY event for financial
   services spanning the securities, banking and insurance markets.
   The show takes place on October 3rd, 4th and 5th at the Jacob K.
   Javits Convention Center in New York City.  See www.ftexpo.com
   for Free Exhibit Hall registration.


   We are updating and reworking our membership database.  If you will be
   attending our next meeting please look up the last time you paid for
   membership, paid the single meeting fee or simply the last time you
   attended a meeting and bring that information with you to the meeting.
   We need to make sure that we have the correct renewal dates on file
   for your yearly membership.  For the most part, any joint UniForum
   memberships should be expired by now as well.  UniForum had stopped
   collecting joint memberships a long time ago.

   For those who cannot attend our next meeting, we will be sending out
   a notice and preparing a web page on which your mailing address and
   Email addresses can be updated.



   Unigroup is one of the oldest and largest Unix User's Groups serving the
   Greater New York City Regional Area since the early 1980s.  Unigroup is a
   not-for-profit, vendor-neutral and member funded volunteer organization.
   Unigroup holds regular and special event meetings throughout the year on
   technical topics relating to Unix and the Unix User Community.   Unigroup
   is also the Greater NYC Regional Area Affiliate of UniForum - an
   International Unix Users Group.

   Thanks to Chase, Unigroup holds regular meetings planned for the Third
   THURSDAY of Odd Months at The Chase Manhattan Bank, 55 Water Street, NYC.
   Planned meeting dates are: 9/21/2000, 11/16/2000, 1/18/01...
   Watch for our Special Event meetings at the various trade shows in NYC.

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I hope to see you all at our next meeting!

-Rob Weiner
 Unigroup Executive Director

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