When:  Thursday, July 17th, 2003

     Where:  The Chase Manhattan Bank
             One Chase Manhattan Plaza (1CMP)  <==(Our New Location!)
             Conference Center, 28th Floor
             Downtown, NYC

      Time:  6:15 PM - 6:30 PM  Registration
             6:30 PM - 6:40 PM  Ask the Wizard,
                                Questions, Answers and Current Events
             6:40 PM - 6:50 PM  Unigroup Business
             6:50 PM - 9:30 PM  Main Presentation

     Topic:  INTERNET SECURITY: Firewall Intelligence

   Speakers: Arpan Lakra, Security Engineer,
             Larry Reed, Territory Manager,
             CheckPoint Software Technologies


   Many in the industry claim that the only way to adequately
   safeguard the integrity of your network is by combining
   Firewall and IDS-based technology.  But managing these
   technologies comes with a heavy price tag.  More hardware,
   more software, additional management platforms, more log
   collection/analysis, and having trained staff who can
   collect/decipher/filter the reams of logging information in
   order to re-configure the firewall as threats are discovered.

   With that said, firewall vendors and IDS vendors are now
   incorporating each other's technology into their platforms.
   Who will win?  And what is the most cost effective way to
   ensure your network is leveraging the best of both technologies?

   SANs and the FBI cite the most common vulnerabilities which
   exist today are Application-Based.  Many firewalls are not
   designed to block these threats.  How are you safeguarding
   your network today?

   At Unigroup's July 2003 meeting, our speakers from CheckPoint
   Software Technologies will address these concerns, talk about
   current and past security threats, and compare the security
   technologies that are currently in use today.



   * Keep an eye out on the deadline date and time, as it may change.

   Please RSVP if you know you are attending or if you think you may
   be attending.  This will help us arrange for a letter to security
   for all of Unigroup.  It will also help us to determine the correct
   amount of food and refreshments.

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   Please continue to check the Unigroup web site:
   for any last minute updates concerning this meeting.  Please
   check your Email for any last minute announcements prior to the
   meeting.  Note that only the Attendee First and Last Names will
   be provided to Chase Security.


   Description of Talk:

   In summary, we hope to cover some or all of the following topics:
     - Current Internet/Network Security Threats
     - Evolution and Comparison of Firewall Technologies
     - Considerations for Firewall Deployment
     - Firewall Implementations / Case Studies
     - Fault Tolerant Firewall Configurations
     - Firewall Management

   More specifically, our speakers will will be addressing the
   business requirements, technical requirements and competitive
   posture regarding the following topics:

   - Technology History
       - Discuss the technology in general that was developed to
         address specific end user requirements at various points
         in time (80s, 90s, today).

   - Core Technology
       - Brief review why CheckPoint entered the firewall market.
       - Need for easy central management beyond the command line.

   - Security Architecture
       - Review of Open technology vs. closed or ASICs design.

   - Secure Virtual Network Solutions:
      - Protect
           Overview of firewall technology, competition, integration
            of IDS, etc.
       - Connect
           VPN, business trends towards remote connectivity, associated
           risk of remote users on broadband, wireless, etc.
       - Manage
           Need for one consistent management platform which is modular
           by design.
       - Accelerate
           How to improve throughput, improve availability, reducing
           downtime, etc.

   - Next Generation
       - Need to make software modular, allowing customer options.

   - Next Generation with Application Intelligence
       - SANs/FBI Top Vulnerabilities not being addressed by today's

   - Firewall vs IDS - Who will win?

   Checkpoint will be sponsoring the food service for this meeting.
   (Thanks Checkpoint!)


   Web Resources:

   Checkpoint Software

   Checkpoint Application Intelligence

   Linux Firewall HOWTO

   FreeBSD Handbook / Firewalls

   IP Filter

   NetBSD Configuring IPFILTER

   OpenBSD PF

   IP Filter and PF Resources


   SANS Security Resources



   O'Reilly has been kind enough to provide us with some of their
   books, which we will continue to raffle off as giveaways at our

   One of our sponsors from years past:
     Addison-Wesley Professional/Prentice Hall PTR
   has once again started providing us with review copies of their
   books, which we will raffle off as giveaways at our meetings.

   Unigroup would like to thank both companies for the support
   provided by their User Group programs.


   Speaker Biographies:

   Arpan Lakra is a Security Engineer for Check Point Software's New
   York City office. He holds a CCSE+ and has worked with the firm
   for over two years helping customers and channel partners
   understand and deploy Check Point security and connectivity
   solutions.  Prior experience has included project management for
   the Global Technology Services group of PricewaterhouseCoopers.

   Larry Reed has worked directly for Check Point Software as a
   Territory Manager.  He works with both endusers and resellers,
   both of which have specific business and technical requirements.
   Prior to Check Point, he worked with Logging collection/analysis
   developers, and security developers including Computer Associates,
   Symantec, Network Associates and Netscreen.  He has also worked
   along side the NSA (National Security Agency), and has provided
   consulting to AIG, the FBI, AT&T and Compaq Computer.  Mr. Reed
   has a BA from SUNY Stony Brook, and is currently completing
   graduate studies at Hofstra University, while earning an MBA in
   Business Computer Info Systems.

   Company Biography:

   Check Point Software Technologies is the worldwide leader in
   securing the Internet.  It is the confirmed market leader of
   both the worldwide VPN and firewall markets.  The company's
   Secure Virtual Network (SVN) architecture provides the VPN and
   security infrastructure that uniquely enables secure and
   reliable Internet communications.  SVN solutions, as delivered
   in the company's Next Generation product family, secure business
   communications and resources for corporate networks, remote
   employees, branch offices and partner extranets.  Extending
   the power of SVN is Check Point's Open Platform for Security
   (OPSEC), the industry's framework and alliance for integration
   and interoperability with "best-of-breed" solutions from over
   350 leading companies.  Check Point solutions are sold,
   integrated and serviced by a network of 2,500 Check Point
   partners in 149 countries.  For more information, visit us on
   the Web at http://www.checkpoint.com or at http://www.opsec.com.


   Fee Schedule:
         Yearly Membership (includes all meetings):      $ 50.00
       * Non-Member Single Meeting:                      $ 20.00
         Student Yearly Membership:                      $ 20.00
         Non-Member Student Single Meeting (with ID):    $  5.00
         Payment Methods: Cash, Check, American Express.

       * Employees of JPM/Chase (with ID) can attend general
         meetings at NO CHARGE.

    ==>  Unigroup is the Greater NYC Regional Area Affiliate
         of UniForum - an International Unix Users Group.
         Our Joint Membership Program with UniForum is currently
         on hold due to circumstances at UniForum.  For information
         about UniForum visit http://www.uniforum.org.


   Complimentary Food and Refreshments will be served.  This includes
   sandwiches such as turkey, roast beef, chicken, tuna and grilled
   eggplant as well as brownies, cookies, bottled water and assorted



     The 1CMP building is situated: South of Liberty Street, North
     of Pine Street, East of Broad/Nassau Street and West of William
     Street.  The building is one block east of Broadway, right
     behind 140 Broadway.

     The closest entrance to the conference center is from Nassau
     Street, first elevator bank from the Nassau Street entrance.

     The building is on a raised platform.  Walk up the outside
     stairs at Nassau Street and head for the guard's station at the
     south-west corner of the building.  Tell the guards you are
     heading for Unigroup.   Note: at times, you may need to enter
     the building on its lower level, on the east side of the block.

     They will inspect your ID and carry-ins and direct you to the
     meeting facility assuming you are on the Unigroup RSVP list.

     Once you get upstairs, enter the conference facility through
     its main doors.  There is a bank of large monitors to the left
     of the entrance which should direct you to the Unigroup meeting
     room (the room may vary from month to month).  To the right of
     the main entrance is the concierge's desk, ask for help there
     if you need anything.  The conference facility has two levels,
     keep in mind that the Unigroup meeting may be up the staircase
     on its upper level.  Thus far, our meeting room has been
     upstairs, on the south side of the building.

     As always, also look out for Unigroup signs marking the path
     to the meeting room.  Also note, if you come early, we may not
     have our own signs in place yet (we have to commute there too).

     Transit By Train:  Take the J/M/Z to Broad Street and walk one
     block North to Pine St.  Take the 4/5 to Wall Street and walk
     North to Pine St., then East to Broad St.  Take the 2/3 to Wall
     Street, the North West exit is inside the Chase complex, else
     you will need to walk a block North and West.  See the MTA
     Downtown NYC Map (pdf) for detailed mass transit information:


   Please mark this meeting on your calendar and join us!
   Please tell your friends about Unigroup!



   We have a series of meetings in the works:

   - SNMP  (scheduled)
   - IPv6  (scheduled)
   - DNS   (tentative)
   - iSCSI, Serial ATA, and other new peripheral technologies
   - IPsec
   - Zope (Web Page Development)
   - Unix Clusters and Clustered Databases
   - High Performance Internet Servers / Web Acceleration
   - Unix 30th Birthday Celebration
   - Linux Clustering Part 3: Beowulf version 2
   - Building a Firewall using FreeBSD and Linux
   - Unix Office Tools: Word Processors, Spreadsheets, Accounting Packages.
   - Emacs
   - Tex
   - PKI
   - GNU Development Environments
   - Meetings on a variety of Sun/Solaris/Java topics

   Please let us know about any other meeting topics that you may be
   interested in.  Potential speakers on Unix related technology topics
   should contact the Unigroup board at uniboard@unigroup.org.



   - Security: Log Collection, Auditing and Preservation

     Unigroup would like to thank Manos Megagiannis from Totally
     Secure Inc. for his presentation on security log/data
     collection and analysis at our May 2003 meeting.



   Unigroup is one of the oldest and largest Unix User's Groups serving
   the Greater New York City Regional Area since the early 1980s.  Unigroup
   is a not-for-profit, vendor-neutral and member funded volunteer
   organization.  Unigroup holds regular and special event meetings
   throughout the year on technical topics relating to Unix and the Unix
   User Community.  Unigroup is also the Greater NYC Regional Area Affiliate
   of UniForum - an International Unix Users Group.

   Thanks to Chase, Unigroup holds regular meetings planned for the Third
   THURSDAY of Odd Months at The Chase Manhattan Bank, 1CMP, NYC.
   Chase has been a long time sponsor of Unigroup, allowing us the use of
   a meeting room and presentation equipment.

   Planned meeting dates are: 7/17/2003, 9/18/2003, 11/20/2003...
   Watch for our Special Event meetings at the various trade shows in NYC
   as well as "field trips" to the facilities of local hardware and
   software vendors.

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I hope to see you all at our next meeting!

-Rob Weiner
 Unigroup Executive Director

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