When:  ** SPECIAL FIELD TRIP DATE: 2nd Thursday **
             THURSDAY, July 14th, 2005

             Computer Associates Office
             140 Broadway, 50th Floor  (Between Cedar and Liberty Streets)
             Wall Street Area
             Downtown, New York City
             ** RSVP is Mandatory, Deadline: 12-JUL-2005 **

      Time:  6:15 PM - 6:25 PM  Registration
             6:25 PM - 6:45 PM  Ask the Wizard, Questions,
                                Answers and Current Events
             6:45 PM - 7:00 PM  Unigroup Business and Announcements
             7:00 PM - 9:30 PM  Main Presentation

     Topic:  The INGRES Open Source Relational Database

  Speakers:  Emma K. McGrattan, Vice President of Development (and INGRES),
             Sandy Scognamiglio, Product Manager for Linux,
             Computer Associates 


   Ingres is a high-performance open source relational database,
   that is also backed by commercial support.

   Features: High performance, scalable, reliable, low
   cost-of-ownership.  Ingres supports distributed computing and
   provides advanced integration and replication options as well as
   access to a wide-range of enterprise data sources.  It delivers
   the tools you need to create and support mission-critical
   applications and effectively manage your corporate data, no
   matter where it resides.  Ingres has been deployed into the
   computing platforms of many businesses, government institutions,
   universities and more in a variety of applications.

   Ingres provides a robust information management foundation that:
     - Provides a persistent, reliable, scalable, fast and
       efficient database engine with multi-user transaction
       and concurrent I/O management.
     - Integrates and replicates a variety of disparate enterprise
       level databases and data sources.
     - Uses 64-bit processor and operating systems for high
       performance VLDB applications.
     - Delivers rich support for a wide array of application
       languages and development environments, including:
         - Local applications with program language callable API.
         - Remote application connectivity through JDBC, ODBC and
           .NET data providers.
         - Application transaction activity under Tuxedo, Encina
           and CICS TP monitor platforms.
         - J2EE web application servers.
         - .NET web application platform.
         - Global applications supporting industry standard
           Unicode character sets.
     - Provides a complete database management and system
       administrative tool suite included in base product.
     - Enables portable deployment to Linux (Intel, AMD64 and
       Z-Series), UNIX (Solaris, HPUX, Tru64, AIX), major Windows
       platforms (2000/XP/2003) and OpenVMS.
     - Provides industry leading global 24x7 technical support.
     - Offers easy and efficient embedded database runtime for
       complete and portable business applications.
     - Is a foundation database technology at CA, delivered
       as a free, embedded database technology across all solutions
       areas and brands.
     - Delivers the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in the
         - Its competitive pricing can substantially reduce
           initial investment.
         - Its low overhead can enable more cost effective
           hardware choices.
         - Its ease of installation and administration can
           reduce operating costs.

   Ingres reliably embeds into mission-critical applications,
   where it becomes virtually transparent in production environments.
   Its manageability and low cost of ownership make it a powerful
   information management component for many vertical applications.



   ** RSVPs and Photo ID ARE REQUIRED for this location.
      RSVP Deadline: 12-JUL-2005.

   To REGISTER for this event, please RSVP by using the Unigroup
   Registration Page:

   This allows us to automate the registration process.
   Please avoid any emailed RSVPs.
   (Registration will also add you to our mailing list.)

   Please continue to check the Unigroup web site and meeting page,
   for any last minute updates concerning this meeting.  If you
   registered for this meeting, please check your email for any last
   minute announcements as the meeting approaches.

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   Please try to RSVP as soon as possible.



   We hope to cover these topics (we do not have the official
   outline from CA as yet)...

   a) Overview- What is INGRES, its history and background?
   b) INGRES Components: Database, Libraries, Tools, etc.
   c) Feature Comparisons to Postgres, MySQL and other Open Source DBs.
   d) INGRES SQL vs other SQL standards and implementations.
   e) INGRES Support: Open Source Community and other Resources.
   f) Advanced Topics: Fault Tolerance, Replication, Stored Procedures,
       Transactions and Commit Logic, Queries, Views, ODBC, etc.
   g) Using INGRES: Where to get it, platforms supported, language
       interfaces supported (perl, c, c++, etc).
   h) Options for Performance Tuning (if time permits)
   i) CA General Overview: Who is CA, other CA Open Source Projects,
      CA and INGRES, CA and Linux.


   Web Resources:

   INGRES Open Source Database:   http://www.ingres.com
   Computer Associates:           http://www.ca.com


   Speaker Biography:

   Emma K. McGrattan is Vice President of Development for CA,
   responsible for the Advantage Ingres family of relational database
   management products. A leading authority in DBMS technologies, Emma
   has been instrumental in the ongoing success of Advantage Ingres
   Enterprise Relational Database.  She joined CA in 1994 upon its
   acquisition of The ASK Group, and has held a variety of senior
   development and development management positions.  Born in Ireland,
   Emma earned a bachelor's degree in electronic engineering from
   Dublin City University.


   Company Biography:

   Computer Associates International, Inc. (NYSE: CA), one of the
   world's largest management software companies, delivers software
   and services across operations, security, storage, life cycle and
   service management to optimize the performance, reliability and
   efficiency of enterprise IT environments.  CA's solutions
   touch many areas of everyday life, from ATM transactions to
   airport security to online sales, customer service and medical
   information.  CA offers highly evolved and highly effective
   management software to run day-to-day tasks, as well as manage
   on-demand computing, wireless, Linux and Web services initiatives.
   CA's integrated solutions help manage the infrastructures of more
   than 95 percent of the Fortune 500(r) companies and more than
   80 percent of the Global 1000, as well as government
   organizations and hundreds of other companies in diverse
   industries worldwide.



   While things are not finalized yet, CA should be providing
   attendees with INGRES Evaluation CD-ROMs (and they may even
   come with limited commercial install support).

   We also still have Sun Solaris 10 DVDs available for those
   who have not obtained them yet from Unigroup or Sun.


   Fee Schedule:
       Yearly Membership (includes all meetings):      $ 50.00
       Non-Member Single Meeting:                      $ 20.00
       Student Yearly Membership:                      $ 20.00
       Non-Member Student Single Meeting (with ID):    $  5.00
       Payment Methods: Cash, Check, American Express.


   Complimentary Food and Refreshments will be served.

   CA will be sponsoring the food service for this meeting, and
   they will be using their GLATT Kosher Caterer "Circa"
   so we can accommodate dinner for everyone attending.  Thanks CA!

   Tentative Menu: Pizza and Assorted Wraps (Tuna Salad,
   Egg Salad, Grilled Vegetables, etc), Potato Salad, Cole Slaw,
   Assorted Sodas.



      Computer Associates Office
      140 Broadway, 50th Floor  (Between Cedar and Liberty Streets)
      Wall Street Area
      Downtown, New York City

   ** RSVP and Photo ID is Mandatory, Deadline: 12-JUL-2005 **

   This building is located on the East side of Broadway, between
   Cedar and Liberty Streets (opposite the park).

   Mass transit stations are located all around the area:
   '4/5' (Wall Street), 'R/W' (Rector Street), '1/9' (Rector Street),
   'J/M' (Broad Street), and the '2/3' (Wall Street).


   Please mark this meeting on your calendar and join us!
   Please tell your friends about Unigroup!



   We have a series of meetings in the works:

   - Field Trip to CA: INGRES Open Source Database: 14-JUL-2005
   - Regulatory Compliance using Linux (HIPPA, SOX, SIA, etc): 15-SEP-2005
   - NO SPAM!  (know any speakers?)
   - Asterix / VoIP
   - Field Trip to HP - Invited
   - Field Trip to Novell - SuSE Linux?
   - Are there too many Linux Distributions?
   - Unix 35th Birthday Celebration (Sun has offered to host this!)
   - IPsec
   - Samba
   - DNS
   - Unix Clusters and Clustered Databases
   - Linux Clustering Part 3: Beowulf version 2
   - Building a Firewall using FreeBSD and Linux
   - High Performance Internet Servers / Web Acceleration
   - Unix Office Tools: Word Processors, Spreadsheets, Accounting Packages.
   - PKI
   - GNU Development Environments
   - iSCSI, Serial ATA, and other new peripheral technologies

   Please let us know about any other meeting topics that you may be
   interested in.  Potential speakers on Unix related technology topics
   should contact the Unigroup Board.



   May 2005: Topic:   Getting Your Manager to Approve Open Source.
             Speaker: Maria Winslow, Author of "The Practical
                      Manager's Guide to Open Source".

   Unigroup member Dave Spira was kind enough to prepare a summary
   of this meeting for us... Thanks Dave!

   #  After attending last nights meeting at Unigroup and listening to
   #  Maria Winslow "Talk the talk and walk the walk", I felt there was
   #  a sign of hope for the future of Open Source software. 
   #  She spoke to the audience and the message was clear.  Know your
   #  customer and learn the "Five Basic Rules" and don't try to dazzle
   #  the CIO and CFOs with technical jargon.  Decision makers are
   #  mainly interested in their ROI (return on investment) and how well
   #  the software will perform in a production environment.
   #  In order to do this, the IT people have to be prepared with case
   #  studies and examples of how other businesses are currently using
   #  Open Source software. 
   #  She cited a few examples from small and medium size companies that
   #  have benefited from using Open Source software.  Her method of
   #  selling Open Source is simple, even when faced with a customer who
   #  is entrenched in closed source software platforms.  Start small
   #  at the file server level, then work your way across the end users,
   #  and then to the application levels.
   #  She left us with two final thoughts that I found worthy of note,
   #  Never bash the competition and never use the word "free"
   #  (use "at no cost to you"), when talking to a decision maker.

   Most everyone attending said the meeting was "better than they
   expected," and that they learned something important from the meeting.
   We were fortunate to have such a skilled "Open-Source in Business"
   evangelist present to us.  Thanks Maria!



   IASA - International Association of Software Architects, NYC Chapter

   The New York Chapter of the International Association of Software
   Architects provides a forum for business, technology and systems
   architects to share knowledge about application architecture,
   multi-systems architectures, vertical and horizontal re-use
   strategies, architecture methodologies and strategies, and
   architecture definitions.

   The IASA is a relatively new and free platform-independent group,
   here in NYC, and has been meeting for a couple of months.  See:
   for meeting and location information of the New York Chapter.
   The group is being run by Bill Hazard and Bill Zack.
   Announcement from the IASA-NYC...

   The IASA is holding a special event on July 14th.  Interop City is
   an event focusing on interoperability between the .NET and J2EE
   worlds.  It is being sponsored by IASA and run by the New York
   IASA chapter in conjunction with the following groups:

     * New York City Rational Users Group
     * New York City .NET Developers Group
     * Long Island LINUX Users Group
     * BEA dev2dev
     * New Jersey Developers Group
     * Virtual Websphere z/OS User Group
     * New Jersey Enterpise Visual Basic User Group
     * NYPC Visual Basic SIG
     * New York Software Industry Association .NET SIG
     * Northern New Jersey .NET Users Group

   As you can see we have quite a varied mix of groups involved.  This
   should make for an interesting event.  Admission is $25.00.


   New York Interop City - July 14th, 2005

   ** Note: This is a paid event.

   ** Interop City has provided Unigroup with a number of complimentary
      e-tickets for this event.  Unigroup members who are interested in
      attending this event, please e-mail:
          unilist _at_ unigroup.org
      and we will pass along the e-tickets on fifo basis.

   The IASA is sponsoring the Interop City Event, here is their announcement...

#  Interop City - New York is Just Around the Corner - Don't Forget to Register!!
#  Date:          July 14, 2005
#  Special Event: New York Interop City
#  Location:      New York Society for Ethical Culture - Social Hall
#                 2 West 64th Street at Central Park West
#                 New York, NY 10023
#  Time:          Registration:  9:00 am - 9:45 am
#                 Event:         9:45 am - 5:00 pm
#  Registration:  http://www.iasahome.org/events
#  New York Area user groups are joining forces for and interoperability
#  event with the help of IASA! Join us for this special event sponsored by
#  BEA, Microsoft, IBM, Compuware and JNBridge on July 14th, where you'll
#  hear some of the best speakers on the subject of software
#  interoperability between .NET and several J2EE platforms, in addition to
#  some discussions on best practice approaches to interop, Web services,
#  and more. This is a first-of-its-kind collective effort between the user
#  groups in the New York Area, where you'll have a chance to network with
#  like minds in other platforms and disciplines. This is a catered event
#  that will provide you with an afternoon of presentations, demonstrations
#  and dialog from a fantastic line-up of interoperability experts.  A
#  glimpse of the agenda is as follows:
#  Time / Activity / Speaker
#  09:00 - 09:30 Registration/Food
#  09:30 - 09:45 Welcome - IASA, Community
#  09:45 - 10:45 SOAP is not a Simple Object Access Protocol:
#                Web Services Design & Implementation Reconsidered
#                Christian Weyer - thinktecture
#  10:45 - 11:00 Break
#  11:00 - 12:30 Interop with Microsoft and BEA
#                J Sawyer - Microsoft & Jason Sharp - Crossvale
#  12:30 - 01:15 Lunch
#  01:15 - 02:15 When Web Services Aren't Enough: High-Performance
#                Interop Between Java and .NET with JNBridgePro
#                Wayne Citrin - JNBridge
#  02:15 - 02:30 Break
#  02:30 - 03:30 Interoperability with Rational Software Architecture
#                and Web Developer
#                Rajesh Bhowmick
#  03:30 - 03:45 Break/Snack
#  03:45 - 04:45 Interop, People and Process
#                David Herst - Compware
#  04:45 - 05:00 Closing and Evaluations
#  We hope you can join us for this great event - register early at
#  http://www.iasahome.org/events as this event is sure to sell out fast.



   Unigroup is one of the oldest and largest Unix User's Groups serving
   the Greater New York City Regional Area since the early 1980s.  Unigroup
   is a not-for-profit, vendor-neutral and member funded volunteer
   organization.  Unigroup holds regular and special event meetings
   throughout the year on technical topics relating to Unix and the Unix
   User Community.  Unigroup is/was also the Greater NYC Regional Area
   Affiliate of UniForum - an International Unix Users Group.

   Unigroup holds regular meetings planned for (at a minimum) the Third
   THURSDAY of Odd Months.  We generally try to hold Field Trip or
   Vendor Specific Meetings on the Even Months, although we do have the
   ability to hold monthly meetings at our new downtown meeting location.
   Recently, we have been holding meetings on a more monthly basis.

   Planned meeting dates are: 7/14/2005, 9/15/2005, 11/17/2005...
   Watch for our Special Event meetings at the various trade shows in NYC
   as well as "Field Trips" to the facilities of local hardware and
   software vendors.

   = For Unigroup Information, Events and Meeting Announcements be sure to =
   = visit our World Wide Web Home Page:                                   =
   =       http://www.unigroup.org                                         =

   For further information or to get on the Unigroup Electronic Mail Mailing
   List send an EMail message to:
        unilist (at) unigroup.org

   To contact the Board of Directors of Unigroup, send an EMail message to:
        uniboard (at) unigroup.org

   If you have recently attended a meeting and you are not receiving
   Email announcements, please send us an Email and we will make
   corrections to our lists.

   Please Email the Board with any suggestions, especially potential
   meeting topics and speakers.  Unigroup welcomes contributions and
   content suggestions for our newsletter.  Unigroup is a volunteer
   organization and we need your assistance!  Please let us know if you
   can help!


I hope to see you all at our next meeting!

-Rob Weiner
 Unigroup Executive Director
 unilist (at) unigroup.org

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