When:  THURSDAY, September 15th, 2005    (3rd Thursday)

     Where:  Alliance for Downtown NY Conference Facility
             Downtown Center
             104 Washington Street
             South West Corner of Wall Street Area
             Downtown, New York City
             ** Please RSVP (not mandatory) **

      Time:  6:15 PM - 6:25 PM  Registration
             6:25 PM - 6:45 PM  Ask the Wizard, Questions,
                                Answers and Current Events
             6:45 PM - 7:00 PM  Unigroup Business and Announcements
             7:00 PM - 9:30 PM  Main Presentation

     Topic:  Computing Compliance using Unix/Linux
             (SOX, HIPPA, Security Industry Regulations, etc)

  Speaker:   Athena Archiver 


   Recent industry regulations, and state and federal laws, have placed
   an increased burden on Computer Professionals (including CTOs/CTOs,
   Managers, Administrators, Developers) in regard to the topics of
   Regulatory Compliance, Corporate Governance and Disclosure,
   SOX/Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPPA, Data Privacy and Computing Security.

   Some of the industries which are effected are: Securities,
   Hedge Funds, Accounting, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Public Companies.

   At Unigroup's September 2005 meeting, we will discuss these topics,
   and how they effect our industry and the Computing Professionals who
   are now required to implement and comply with a broad range of new
   legal and industry requirements.

   Computing Professionals could now be held liable for non-compliance
   (this was discussed in the trade magazines a few months ago),
   so it has become very important get up-to-speed on the various
   issues and related pitfalls concerning compliance.



   To REGISTER for this event, please RSVP by using the Unigroup
   Registration Page:

   This will allow us to automate the registration process.
   (Registration will also add you to our mailing list.)
   Please avoid emailed RSVPs, if at all possible.

   Please continue to check the Unigroup web site and meeting page,
   for any last minute updates concerning this meeting.  If you
   registered for this meeting, please check your email for any last
   minute announcements as the meeting approaches.  Also make sure
   any anti-spam white-lists are updated to _ALLOW_ Unigroup traffic!

   Please try to RSVP as soon as possible.

   Note: RSVP is not mandatory for this location, but it does help
         us to properly plan the meeting (food, drinks, handouts,
         seating, etc.).




   - The Importance of Compliance

       - An examination of Morgan Stanley's 1.5 billion dollar mistake.
         The year of no-tolerance.  Are you ready?

   - The Legal Side of Compliance

       - What it means to be Compliant.

       - Examining the law, the most important things to know.
           - Sarbanes Oxley
           - Sec 17a4,a4
           - NASD 2210

   - The Technical Side of Compliance

       - Complexities of Email Archiving:
           - Data Storage Management
           - 24/7 Uptime for critical email services

       - How Unix can uniquely address archiving demands:
           - SE Linux Mandatory Access Controls
           - Proven Scalability
           - Higher ROI, Significantly lower licensing fees.

       - A close look at indexing and searching:
           - Verity
           - SQL Server Full Text Search
           - Oracle Full Text Search

       - Additional benefits of data archiving:
           - Data Management
           - Recovering individual emails
           - Never checking spam filters anymore
           - Recovering from PST hell
           - Disaster Recovery
           - Business Continuity

       - Product Differentiation,
         A Look at the major compliance solutions:
           - Zantaz
           - iLumin
           - AXS-One
           - Athena Archiver
           - Veritas KVS

   - Pitfalls of Compliance

       - Problems with First Generation Archiving Solutions:
           - 3rd Party Integration Problems
           - Lack of fine-grained access controls

       - Hidden Costs of Email Archiving

   - Conclusion

   - Questions and Answer


   Web Resources:

   Compliance Information:
   Athena Archiver - Compliance Laws - Overview
   ZipLip - Compliance Information
   searchCIO.com - Fast Guide to Regulatory Compliance


   Speaker Biography:


   Company Biography:

   See http://athenaarchiver.com for further information.

   (Athena Archiver's products are linux-based.)



   O'Reilly has been kind enough to provide us with some of their
   books, which we will continue to raffle off as giveaways at our

   Addison-Wesley Professional/Prentice Hall PTR has been kind
   enough to provide us with some of their books, which we will
   continue to raffle off as giveaways at our meetings.

   Unigroup would like to thank both companies for the support
   provided by their User Group programs.

   Note: The chances tend to be about 1 in 5, that any attendee of
   our meeting will walk away with a fairly valuable giveaway
   (ie. most books are valued between $30 and $60)!

   ** We also still have some Sun Solaris 10 DVDs available from
      friends at the NYC Sun Office.


   Fee Schedule:
       Yearly Membership (includes all meetings):      $ 50.00
       Non-Member Single Meeting:                      $ 20.00
       Student Yearly Membership:                      $ 20.00
       Non-Member Student Single Meeting (with ID):    $  5.00
       Payment Methods: Cash, Check, American Express.


   Complimentary Food and Refreshments will be served.  This includes
   "wraps" such as turkey, roast beef, chicken, tuna and grilled
   vegetables as well as assorted salads (potato, tossed,
   pasta, etc), cookies, bottled water and assorted beverages.



     Alliance for Downtown NY Conference Facility
     Downtown Center
     104 Washington Street
     Wall Street Area
     Downtown, New York City

   This building is located on the West side of the street, the
   second building north of Rector Street.  Cross Streets:
   Between Rector (South) and Carlisle (North) Streets.

   Our meeting location is in the Lower West Corner of Downtown,
   North of the Battery Tunnel, South of the Downtown Hotel,
   East of West Street, and West of Greenwich Street.  Walking West
   on Rector Street from Broadway, you pass Church, Greenwich then
   Washington Streets.

   There are multiple blocks of parking lots right there, between
   Washington and Greenwich Streets, starting at the Battery Tunnel
   and extending North for a number of blocks.

   Nearest mass transit stations, in order, are the '1/9' (Rector
   Street), 'R/W' (Rector Street) and the '4/5' (Wall Street).


   Please mark this meeting on your calendar and join us!
   Please tell your friends about Unigroup!



   We have a series of meetings in the works:

   - NO SPAM!  (know any speakers?)
   - Asterix / VoIP
   - Field Trip to HP - Invited
   - Field Trip to Novell - SuSE/OpenSuSE Linux?
   - Are there too many Linux Distributions?
   - Unix 35th Birthday Celebration (Sun has offered to host this!)
   - IPsec and IPv6
   - Samba
   - DNS
   - Unix Clusters and Clustered Databases
   - Linux Clustering Part 3: Beowulf version 2
   - Building a Firewall using FreeBSD and Linux
   - High Performance Internet Servers / Web Acceleration
   - Unix Office Tools: Word Processors, Spreadsheets, Accounting Packages.
   - PKI
   - GNU Development Environments
   - iSCSI, Serial ATA, and other new peripheral technologies

   Please let us know about any other meeting topics that you may be
   interested in.  Potential speakers on Unix related technology topics
   should contact the Unigroup Board.



   July 2005: The INGRES Open Source Relational Database

   Our thanks go to Computer Associates for hosting our Field Trip meeting
   on INGRES.  CA provided us with food and drink, and their meeting
   location provided us with a fantastic view of the city, its harbor,
   and waterways (ie. we were high up, on a clear day).

   While our scheduled speakers could not attend, Sam Somashekar, INGRES
   Product Manager, came and gave us a technical presentation about INGRES,
   its origins and history.  It seems that INGRES is the predecessor to
   most of the popular databases in use today.  CA also provided us with
   various "CA summer giveaways", including flashlights and frisbees.

   Our thanks also go to Jessica Greenblatt, CA's User Group Liason, for
   helping us plan this meeting and arranging for: our speakers, meeting
   room and food service.  CA has invited us back for a more detailed
   technical developer's talk on Ingres.



     A) 12-SEP-2005: SUN Event #1 of 2 - Meet the Experts Invite
     B) 13-SEP-2005: SUN Event #2 of 2 - Sun's Next-Generation x64 Systems
     C) 17-SEP-2005: BSDcon - NYC BSD Conference
     D) 26-SEP-2005: High Performance on Wall Street Show

   A) Sun Microsystems Event #1 of 2 - Meet the Experts Invite

      : Smarter Systems for the Smarter Enterprise: Meet the Experts
      : Monday, September 12, 2005
      : 1:30 - 5:30 p.m.: Breakout Sessions
      : 5:00 - 8:00 p.m.: Live Technology Demonstrations and
      :                   Meet the Experts Reception
      : Millennium Broadway Hotel
      : 145 W. 44th Street
      : New York, NY
      : The Sun Braintrust is coming back to New York and you're invited -- to
      : meet the experts behind the latest game-changing technologies from Sun.
      : Join Andy Bechtolsheim, Hal Stern, and other Sun technology gurus for a
      : chance to:
      : - See the highly anticipated new generation of x64 industry-standard
      :   systems (aka Galaxy) from Sun
      : - Learn how Sun is driving interoperability with Microsoft products via
      :   its recent acquisition of Tarantella
      : - Hear about the latest advances in services that automate hardware and
      :   software patch management and platform updates for increased security
      :   and manageability
      : - Find out what's new in Java technology and help celebrate this
      :   breakthrough technology's 10th birthday!
      : Agenda:
      : 1:30 - 2:30 p.m.: Breakout Sessions
      : - Sun/Microsoft Interoperability - presented by Bill Smith, Director
      :   Business Alliances
      : - How Sun's x64 Systems Provide Competitive Advantage in the Financial
      :   Services Market - presented by John Fowler, Executive VP, Network
      :   Systems Group
      : 3:00 - 4:00 p.m.: Breakout Sessions
      : - Smart Management for Smart Systems presented by Tom Goguen, VP
      :   Software Marketing
      : - How Sun's Network-Driven Desktop Changes the Economics of Desktop
      :   Computing presented by Darlene Yaplee, VP Client Service Organization,
      :   Global Desktop Practice
      : 4:30 - 5:30 p.m.: Breakout Sessions
      : - Galaxy Innovation - presented by Andy Bechtolsheim, Sun Founder and
      :   Chief Architect, Network Systems Group
      : - How Sun's Network-Driven Desktop Changes the Economics of Desktop
      :   Computing - presented by Darlene Yaplee, VP Client Service
      :   Organization, Global Desktop Practice
      : 5:00 - 8:00 p.m.
      :   Meet the Experts Reception and Live Technology Demonstrations
      :   An opportunity for one-on-one discussions with top Sun innovators.
      :   Don't miss your chance to gain valuable insights, exchange
      :   ideas and network with your peers.
      : To register, visit our website: www.cplan.com/meettheexperts05
      : Questions? E-mail us at: meettheexperts05 (at) sun.com

   B) Sun Event #2 of 2 - Technical Seminar Sun's Next-Generation x64 Systems

      : Subject header: FREE Technical Seminar on Sun's Next-Generation x64
      : Systems
      : You are invited to an exclusive technical preview of the much
      : anticipated next-generation Sun x64 systems.
      : Sun's new line of x64 (x86 64-bit) servers is based on a simplified
      : management system, fast and reliable performance resulting in better
      : service levels, lower operational costs, and better asset utilization.
      : This is an opportunity to meet the key product experts and see the new
      : systems first hand.
      : What:   Technical Seminar for Sun's new x64 Systems
      : Where:  101 Park Avenue, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10178
      : When:   Tuesday, September 13
      : Time:   8:30am-12:30pm or 1:30-5:30pm
      : Who:    System Administrators, Developers, and Partners
      : Register at http://sunsmart.sun.com/wma
      : Event ID: x64previewsession
      : Password: sun
      : This half-day session is a limited, invitation-only opportunity
      : including an architecture and in-depth review of the following:
      : - Sun's next-generation x64 servers
      : - Sun's newest system management software
      : - Workstations, networking products, and more...

   C) BSDCON - NYC BSD Conference, September 17th

      : Subject: NYC BSD Conference, September 17th
      : NYCBSDCon Set for September 17th at Manhattan's Columbia University
      : To register and to learn more, please visit http://www.nycbsdcon.org
      : New York City BSD Conference (NYCBSDCon), a one day technical
      : conference hosted by the New York City *BSD User Group
      : (www.nycbug.org), will be held on Saturday, September 17th at Columbia
      : University.
      : The all day conference will include a variety of speakers representing
      : the BSD projects and the open source community.  Highlighted speakers
      : include:
      : Marshall Kirk McKusick, an original member of the University of
      : California at Berkley's BSD Unix developer group.
      : Dru Lavigne, a well-known BSD advocate, educator and author whose most
      : recent works include "BSD Hacks."  Dru is also chair of the BSD
      : Certification Group (www.bsdcertification.org).
      : Bruce Momjian, co-founder of the PostgreSQL global developer group and
      : has worked on PostgreSQL since 1996.  He works for Software Research
      : Associates (SRA) in their PostgreSQL support division.
      : Michael Lucas, a long-time BSD user and author of "Absolute BSD" and
      : "Absolute OpenBSD."
      : Jason Dixon - As the principal of DixonGroup Consulting LLC, Jason Dixon
      : focuses on solving real-world security and infrastructure challenges
      : with free and open source software.
      : Phillip Moore, formerly of Morgan Stanley, where he was Executive
      : Director of UNIX Engineering as a senior architect.
      : NYCBSDCon is organized by NYC*BUG, a technical user group that formed
      : in December 2003 that has evolved into a fundamental part of the BSD
      : Community.  Besides their regular monthly meetings at the Soho Apple
      : Store, NYC*BUG has done fundraising for the BSD projects and
      : contributed a number of useful online applications such as
      : "BSDTracker" and "dmesgd."
      : Additional sponsors include USENIX, New York Internet and SRA America.
      : Members of the press are also invited to attend.
      : Coffee and snacks will be provided throughout the day.
      : An evening party in cooperation with OrgCom, organizers of the New
      : York Technical Community Holiday Party 2004, is planned at a local
      : establishment.  The event will be open to the public, and attendees
      : are encouraged to network and meet with the New York technical
      : community.
      :   Who: Developers, systems administrators, end-users of the BSD
      :        operating systems and related open source projects
      :  When: Saturday, September 17th, 2005
      :        registration opens at 8:30 am
      :  Cost: $20 pre-registration online until September 10th
      :        $40 day of the conference
      :        * all conference attendees will pay during the morning of the
      :        event as the conference fee is not high, only cash will be
      :        accepted
      : Where: Columbia University at Broadway and 116th Street
      :        1/9 train to 116th Street
      : To register and to learn more, please visit http://www.nycbsdcon.org

   D) 2005 High Performance on Wall Street

      : 2005 High Performance on Wall Street,
      : Sept 26, Mon, Roosevelt Hotel, New York, NY
      : www.highperformanceonwallstreet.com
      : High Performance Computing, Grid, Blade, Cluster, high-speed
      : networking, scalable storage, Linux systems will all be there.
      : Plan to attend the 2nd Annual High Performance on Wall Street, returning
      : to the Roosevelt Hotel at Grand Central Station by popular demand.
      : This annual event focuses on the New York financial markets, Wall
      : Street, and IT management. Wall Street will increase IT spending
      : 7% to 8% this year, reports Forrester Research.
      : Plan now to see HPC, Linux, Grid, Blade, Utility, Open Source solutions
      : for IT management in the financial sector.
      : Wall Street IT chiefs are looking to reduce total-cost-of-ownership
      : and reduce operating costs.  Big savings are available with HPC in
      : consolidations, time-saving deployment, and money-saving Grid
      : applications to upgrade aging legacy systems.
      : Major sponsors include, Sun, IBM, Intel, Novell, Dell, ClearCube.
      : The Roosevelt Hotel is conveniently located at Grand Central Station at
      : Madison Avenue at East 45th Street. Come early. Exhibits open at 8 am.
      : Complimentary coffee in the exhibit area.
      : Register online at:  www.highperformanceonwallstreet.com



   Unigroup is one of the oldest and largest Unix User's Groups serving
   the Greater New York City Regional Area since the early 1980s.  Unigroup
   is a not-for-profit, vendor-neutral and member funded volunteer
   organization.  Unigroup holds regular and special event meetings
   throughout the year on technical topics relating to Unix and the Unix
   User Community.  Unigroup is/was also the Greater NYC Regional Area
   Affiliate of UniForum - an International Unix Users Group.

   Unigroup holds regular meetings planned for (at a minimum) the Third
   THURSDAY of Odd Months.  We generally try to hold Field Trip or
   Vendor Specific Meetings on the Even Months, although we do have the
   ability to hold monthly meetings at our new downtown meeting location.
   Recently, we have been holding meetings on a more monthly basis.

   Planned regular meeting dates are: 9/15/2005, 11/17/2005, 1/19/2006...
   Watch for our Special Event meetings at the various trade shows in NYC
   as well as "Field Trips" to the facilities of local hardware and
   software vendors.

   = For Unigroup Information, Events and Meeting Announcements be sure to =
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   To contact the Board of Directors of Unigroup, send an EMail message to:
        uniboard (at) unigroup.org

   If you have recently attended a meeting and you are not receiving
   Email announcements, please send us an Email and we will make
   corrections to our lists.

   Please Email the Board with any suggestions, especially potential
   meeting topics and speakers.  Unigroup welcomes contributions and
   content suggestions for our newsletter.  Unigroup is a volunteer
   organization and we need your assistance!  Please let us know if you
   can help!


I hope to see you all at our next meeting!

-Rob Weiner
 Unigroup Executive Director
 unilist (at) unigroup.org

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