Unigroup's OpenSUSE Field Trip to Novell is THIS Thursday!
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      When:  THURSDAY, January 19th, 2006    (3rd Thursday)

     Where:  ** FIELD TRIP to Novell **

             Novell NYC Office
             1177 Sixth Avenue, 35th Floor
             (between 45th & 46th streets)
             Midtown, New York City
             ** RSVP is Mandatory! **

      Time:  6:15 PM - 6:25 PM  Registration
             6:25 PM - 6:45 PM  Ask the Wizard, Questions,
                                Answers and Current Events
             6:45 PM - 7:00 PM  Unigroup Business and Announcements
             7:00 PM - 9:30 PM  Main Presentation

     Topic:  OpenSuSE Linux

  Speaker:   Ross E. Brunson, Linux Solutions Specialist,
             Novell, Inc.


   Happy New Year to all!  As previously discussed and announced, we
   pleased to say that our Field Trip to Novell, to learn about OpenSuSE
   Linux, is finally happening this month... in fact, this week!
   (Sorry for the short notice, on this holiday shortened week.)

   Based on our speaker's bio (see below), this should be an interesting
   meeting!  Our speaker has a pile of credentials including: author,
   speaker and cross-platform trainer.



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   Please avoid emailed RSVPs, if at all possible.

   Please continue to check the Unigroup web site and meeting page,
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   minute announcements as the meeting approaches.  Also make sure
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   Please try to RSVP as soon as possible.

   RSVP IS MANDATORY for this location.



   OpenSuSE Linux

   (stay tuned for more details)


   Web Resources:

   Novell SuSE Linux   http://www.suse.com

   OpenSUSE Linux      http://www.opensuse.com


   Speaker Biography:

   Ross Brunson:
     Linux Solutions Specialist with Novell, Inc.
     CNI, NCLP, LPIC1, SCSA, LCI, LCA, Inet+, Linux+,

   Ross is currently a Linux Solutions Specialist for Novell Inc.'s
   North East Division based in Albany NY.  He serves on the Advisory
   Council for the Linux Professional Institute and has authored three
   books, including the best-selling LPIC Level 1 Exam Cram.

   He began his IT career in the US Army in the early 1980's working
   with battlefield simulation systems running on Unix platforms, and
   quickly graduated to working with databases and network operating
   systems.  Ross began his formal training and consulting career in
   the late 80's teaching Unix and NT Integration classes to government
   and industry customers both in education centers and onsite.  He
   quickly became the technical editor and eventually the author for
   his courses, soon achieving the organization's second highest
   scores for an instructor.  After a number of years conducting
   TCP/IP, UNIX, Linux and Networking courses for Learning Tree,
   Mastering Computers of Scottsdale and other training companies,
   he took a courseware development and instructor position with
   Computer Associates developing and delivering Windows 2000 and
   Linux courses for delivery to many USA and International companies.  
   Ross then took a position with Thomson Learning's SAIR Linux
   certification and courseware division as the Director of Courseware
   Development and Instruction.  He built an excellent instructor
   force spanning 13 countries and 110 instructors in little over
   a year.  Ross and his team conducted certification seminars at
   4 consecutive Linuxworld shows, with over 2500 people attending
   and testing as a result of his team's efforts. 

   For the last 3 years, Ross has performed many Linux and Open Source
   training events for various vendors in the Open Source training
   industry, including The Training Camp with attendees drawn from a
   who's-who of the technical industry.  After 3+ years of conducting
   Linux, Solaris and Cisco boot camps, he joined Novell/SuSE's
   Advanced Technical Training Team as as the ATT Linux team's
   development lead and Senior Technical Training Engineer focusing on
   large industry and Fortune 100/500 customer training needs where his
   clients included IBM, Intel, Merck and many other industry giants. 


   We hope to be able to give away copies of OpenSUSE at this
   meeting.  Details still have to be finalized with Novell.


   Fee Schedule:
       Yearly Membership (includes all meetings):      $ 50.00
       Non-Member Single Meeting:                      $ 20.00
       Student Yearly Membership:                      $ 20.00
       Non-Member Student Single Meeting (with ID):    $  5.00
       Payment Methods: Cash, Check, American Express.


   Complimentary Food and Refreshments will be served.

   We believe Novell will be sponsoring the food service for
   this meeting.  Details still have to be finalized with Novell.



     Novell NYC Office
     1177 Sixth Avenue, 35th Floor (between 45th & 46th streets)
     Midtown, New York City

   Please mark this meeting on your calendar and join us!
   Please tell your friends about Unigroup!



   We have a series of meetings in the works:

   - Field Trip to Novell - SuSE/OpenSuSE Linux
   - NO SPAM!  (know any speakers?)
   - Asterix / VoIP
   - Field Trip to HP - Invited
   - Are there too many Linux Distributions?
   - Unix 35th Birthday Celebration (Sun has offered to host this!)
   - IPsec and IPv6
   - Samba
   - DNS
   - Unix Clusters and Clustered Databases
   - Linux Clustering Part 3: Beowulf version 2
   - Building a Firewall using FreeBSD and Linux
   - High Performance Internet Servers / Web Acceleration
   - Unix Office Tools: Word Processors, Spreadsheets, Accounting Packages.
   - PKI
   - GNU Development Environments
   - iSCSI, Serial ATA, and other new peripheral technologies

   Please let us know about any other meeting topics that you may be
   interested in.  Potential speakers on Unix related technology topics
   should contact the Unigroup Board.



   November 2005: Time Management for SysAdmins

   Unigroup would like to thank Tom Limoncelli from Cibernet Corp.
   for his presentation of "Time Management for System Administrators."

   Tom presented tips from his new book, "Time Management for System
   Administrators," published by O'Reilly, and he had provided us with
   discount coupons for pre-ordering his book.  Tom also brought in some
   t-shirts and books to raffle off to our meeting attendees.  The
   discussion at this meeting was lively and interesting, and the
   audience participated by sharing some of their own tips for time



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I hope to see you all at our next meeting!

-Rob Weiner
 Unigroup Executive Director
 unilist (at) unigroup.org

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